I am a stay-at-home mom with three boys and a boat-obsessed husband--all four the lights of my life and the scourge of my days. After years of trying to attain some kind of domestic bliss, it dawned on me that there was just too much testosterone in our house to hope for anything more than barely contained chaos. A healthy dose of yoga and mindful meditation are all that keep me from voluntarily committing myself some days....

I'm a Midwestern gal through and through, but found myself on the adventure of a lifetime when our Wisconsin family was transplanted to southern England for two years as my husband pursued his dream degree at a university in Southampton. We lived in a small village in Hampshire County where I fell in love with the people and countryside and had two of the best years of my life. A lifetime abroad wasn't in the cards, however, so we moved back to Madison and then relocated to New Iberia, Louisiana six months later. [Insert disbelief and boatloads of stress here.]

Where once we had hockey and snowmen, we now have hot sauce and alligators. More adventures are certain to be had in an atmosphere as colorful as this Cajun landscape of crawdads and sugar cane... but it's taking an awful lot of energy just to figure out how to make my hair look decent in this godforsaken humidity. 

My passions in life are family, friends, parties, photography, singing, food, cooking, my computer(s), and pop culture. I've been delving deep into the cyber world since 1982 when my dad brought home our first computer, the Apple IIe. Ever since, I have been a slave to first computer games (Zork FTW!!), then 3D computer animation at Northwestern (pre-Toy Story, if you can believe it), then on to working at Dell during the pre-Millenium heyday. Babies led me away from business suits and progress reports, but I remain a slave to my email, facebook, this blog (started in September 2008), and (oh my stars!) twitter.

In my opinion, actually, the rise of social media (and karaoke) has finally made my life complete. 

One more thing! One of my proudest moments as a blogger, was being selected to speak at the community keynote address at the BlogHer 2010 conference in New York City. The post, which was nominated and chosen by my peers and BlogHer panelists, was a parody I wrote that re-worked the lyrics to the song "Popular" from the musical Wicked, making it a song about a popular blogger.  The aspect-ratio isn't doing my figure any favors, but you can see me performing here:

If you notice that I sound a bit nervous, please note that I am not a professional singer: before this performance, my largest audience was a full house at The Karaoke Kid in Madison, Wisconsin—which is about a million miles from performing at BlogHer, in a giant NYC ballroom, for 2000 people.

My Family a.k.a. The Furious Five

Bitchin' Amy, aka Amysprite - that's me, Amy, clinging to the fragments of my maiden name and life-before-kids identity. I always wanted to be a mother and wife, but find that the internet, girlfriends, and drunken karaoke in seedy bars makes for much more compelling entertainment.
Daddy-007 - my action adventure husband who's passion for boats rivals mine for socializing.
Capt. Chaos (CC) - 13 year-old sensitive son with a penchant for all things zoological, entomological, and Lego-logical. Is incapable of allowing anyone else to get the last word in. 
His Sidekick Destructo - 10 y.o. son has a heart of gold, a dancing soul, completely ADHD-scattered and obsessed with Yu-Gi-Oh. 
The Animal - 6 years old and living life to the limit, and by that I mean testing my the limits.