Saturday, July 06, 2013

BlogHer '13: Friday Night (Karaoke) Party Plan

If there is one thing that blogging has taught me, it is that, no matter how you feel or what you are going through, there are other people out there who have gone through the same thing, are going through it at the same time as you, or will go through something like it in the future. These unseen, but clearly heard, women and men will sympathize with you, laugh with you, offer advice, cheer your soul and cheer you on—with so much care, thought and love that even after almost five years of blogging it still amazes me. Quite simply, the internet, this community of parent bloggers, in particular, has allowed us to find our "tribe" in a way that previous generations have rarely been able to, and in numbers that could once only be dreamed of. 

In a smaller way, karaoke does the exact same thing.
Boom! It's karaoke time!
I started going to karaoke bars in Wisconsin about the same time I started blogging, coincidentally, and I have found that a similar bond develops between bar patrons and karaoke singers. I know it sounds crazy, but the same kind of magic happens when people cast off their natural reserve, whether it is to lay their souls bare on the pages of their blogs or on stage singing their favorite song to cheesy karaoke backing tracks. It just does.

Which is why I am so thrilled to be hosting a karaoke party at BlogHer '13, as part of the Friday night party plan at this year's conference in Chicago (July 26). BlogHer manages to harness ALL the tribes within the parent blogger community and allows them to mingle and share ideas for three days every year and it is my most looked-forward-to weekend of the year. From my first time in Chicago 2009, to singing a post at the Voices of the Year keynote in 2010, to hanging poolside 2011, and hitting 5am two nights in a row last year in NYC—the BlogHer conference is unparalleled in scope, size, and the ability to bring together novice bloggers, successful established bloggers and everyone in between.

The BlogHer ladies are mixing it up this year and have put together an amazing night of SIX different parties for people to "tribe up" with their people. You can go to one party or check out all six between 9pm and midnight—it's the ultimate progressive party!

After the Voices of the Year (VOTY) keynote and the VOTY Reception, the parties will be starting up in suites and ballrooms all over the Sheraton. I'm so excited about this new, smaller-venue approach to the parties—I think it will make it easier for attendees to make more intimate social connections at the official conference parties. 

We will have food, libations, props, and more sing-a-longs than you can slosh a wineglass at. So start singing extra loud in your car to warm up those vocal cords, jot down what songs you want to sing to the BlogHer crowd, and gird your loins for a fantastic night of laughing, cheering, toasting, and singing your lungs out. We are going to raise the roof on this joint. 

Come over and say hi at the party—I'll be the one on stage, either singing or calling your name. 

See you there!!!

(Grab a button and put it on your blog to let your friends know where they can find you.)


  1. Replies
    1. Are you really going to be there, Karen? That would be AWESOME!!!!!

  2. Makes me wish I was going to be in Chi-town! Guess I'll have to wait for Nawlins in January.

    1. Not a doubt in my mind that we will tear it up in NOLA. Can't wait!!

  3. Hi Amy,

    I followed you here from the FB BlogHer group and I have a couple of dorky questions. Where do you get the badge code for these parties? I looked on BlogHer conferences and couldn't find it.

    And ... I haven't done Karaoke since I lived in Taiwan out of college in 1991. And those songs were, like ... Mountain Mama, West Virginia and such. What kinds of songs do they do in Karaoke these days? :-) Does it matter if you can sing and do they still have the words with a little bouncy white ball?

    And finally, what is the Open Mic? Is it like the LTYM one where you just read a post?

    Tanks. And see ya there.

    1. Jennie, anything goes in karaoke—that't the beauty of it! It's my opinion that a good voice only matters for slow songs, as long as you pick a song that you love and know well, and that was a big hit at some point, people will sing along. Yes, the words still light up when you are supposed to sing them.

      The open mike is exactly like LTYM—it is hosted by Ann Imag, the founder of LTYM! Just bring the post that you want to read and then you give it to Ann or one of the moderators. I'm not sure how many people will be doing it, so I don't know if turning in your post to read is a guarantee that you'll get to read it. But whether you read or not, I'm sure it will be a wonderful experience. Reading your work aloud to an audience is a powerful thing.

      Hope I see you at BlogHer! Come up and introduce yourself!!

  4. Oh boy....the first post of yours, the one that made me love you, was the karaoke post....hilarious....xoxoxo Miss you Miss W.


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