Monday, April 18, 2011

All Rhodes Lead to Greece

We are here:


Specifically, we’re on the island of:


The Furious Five are on vacation all week, terrorizing the populace of Rhodes, eating ice cream by the tub and doing pretty much everything but relaxing.*

I booked an all-inclusive resort-type vacation for us thinking we might like to actually take it easy for once, but true to form, it was no more than 16 hours before we had rented a car and started making excursions to interesting spots around the island. Places like Old Town, located in the city of Rhodes, a medieval city that remains almost exactly the same as it was 600 years ago. Truly one of the coolest places I have ever been.

This morning we headed to the city of Lindos, home of one the most beautiful beaches in Europe (according to TripAdvisor), a picture-perfect whitewashed Grecian village, and another medieval fortress… that is built around a 2000 year old acropolis. We were disappointed to find the castle closed…


… but the walk up the mountain and the views from the top were well worth the trip.

Tomorrow Daddy-007 is planning on bringing CC and Destructo scuba diving in Faliraki. I plan to relax with the Animal somewhere with wi-fi, although that looks extremely unlikely… On both counts.

old town rhodes greece boys

*Who needs to relax? We can relax when we get old.

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