Saturday, February 13, 2010

RTT: La la la la...

Random Tuesday Thoughts.... from my head to your computer screen. See what is passing for thoughts this week!


Kat, over at 3 Bedroom Bungalow, tagged me awhile ago to disclose my favorite feel good song. She revealed that Boston's Can't Fight this Feeling Anymore always made her day. After about, oh, 10 seconds of thought, I am going to have to go with Miss Chatelaine by the inimitable k.d. lang (from her album Ingenue).

What's funny to me, is that I've never seen her perform that live until just now. And when I sing it? I do EXACTLY the same moves that she is doing in her performance. I prance around like I'm singin'-in-the-rain, head-over-heels-in-love.... because that's what this song makes you feel.

If you have a heart, that is.

If you are a heartless bastard, well... there's nothing that can be done for you. Sorry.

The song truly makes you a dancing, romantic fool. I have been powerless against its charms for going on 15 years.... See video evidence below.


First runner-up: that song by Bert and Ernie about the letter L. I've heard it a thousand times and never fail to join in and sing along with my kids. :) I mean, give me a break, they sing the line, "La la la laaa.... LUMP IN MY OATMEEEEEAL!" What's not to love? Check out this version by the Barenaked Ladies.... it is on this really excellent kids' compilation called For the Kids. Highly recommended, yo.


Sometimes when I finish doing ridiculous things I say to myself: That'll do, Pig.


Oh my cuss! Have you cussing seen The Fantastic Mr. Fox?? It is un-cussing-believable.But I can't stop saying "cuss" instead of swear words now. And making loud gobbling/devouring noises while pretending to tear my food apart.... or snarling at the kids when they provoke me.

Don't worry: they know why I'm doing it. They just hiss back, we circle each other a bit, and then everyone moves on.

Don't question me. Just see it when it comes out on DVD if you missed it at the theatres. And check out the cast list, perhaps the most brilliant cast ever.


I finally got a picture of a fox over here:

Now, I've seen a fox in our garden and it was a glorious specimen, all orange and fluffy, with a big, fat tail.... this is clearly not that fox. Look at that mangy beast! Apparently, unless you put in the time and dedication to go sit in a blind in the wee hours of the morning, one can only hope to photograph some poor creature that is so feeble and slow that he doesn't have a prayer of escaping before you run to get your camera, change the lens, run upstairs, open a window and then prop up the camera against the ledge so it doesn't turn out blurry.

Holy cuss, I'm surprised that fox didn't keel over dead! Obviously it was on its last leg if I manages to catch him after all that.....


Go harass Keeley over at The Un Mom. She's waxing random like a pro over there....



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Thank you!!


  1. Oh the fox! I am still scanning the landscape around here looking for them. What a lucky shot, I guess not so lucky for him!

    Count me in for the " I will attend this session vote!"

  2. I must be out of the loop because I don't know many of your song choices.

    I missed the Fox movie. Perhaps it will play on TV soon.

    Thanks for your randomness,

  3. I have seen KD LIVE LIVE LIVE many a time and you will never hear a voice like that ever.

    Her voice can only be described as super-human.

    It is that good. Seriously unbefuckinglievable.

    That's right, I'm cussin' at you.

  4. I do "that'll do pig" all the time!! Can't help it it's like a tick!

  5. Diggin' your random Tuesday thoughts.

    There's just so much uh, variety. A little something for everyone.


    And your ROYO idea?? Love it. Going to BlogHer is getting more tempting by the minute....!!

  6. I was pretty freaked out the first time I saw a fox.

    Have a great RT.

  7. wow we saw a fox one time on side of the road would never want to see one otherwise

  8. wow we saw a fox one time on side of the road would never want to see one otherwise

  9. kd Lang ROCKS my world! Best. Voice. EVER!!! So glad you agree! Miss Chatelaine makes me happy, too!

    Thanks for the randomness, loved it!

  10. The first time I heard Miss Chatelaine (dear god, has it seriously been 15 years!?), I rushed out and bought the cassette tape it was, OK, it was on a cassette. Clearly it's been 15 years. Ha!

    Here's the kicker now, though. We're playing her greatest hits CD as an in-store play at the store this month, and so at least once a shift, I hear this song and it is taking EVERYTHING in my being not to dance around the aisles and through the shelves like I'm in some kind of wonderful old movie. Sigh...

  11. Those were great videos you made, i'll always think of you when I hear that song again.


  12. I love it you have moves....and cuss like a sailor too!

  13. Note about foxes (and speaking from experience here)... their poo is the worst smelling smell on earth. And dogs just love to roll in it. And that, my friend, is NOT a good thing.

    I've an award for you over at mine. x

  14. Can't fight this Feeling Any Longer is REO Speedwagon, and they have a GREAT video for it. One of my faves. I saw kd lang on the Ingenue tour from the FRONT ROW!

    La, la, la, Linoleum!

  15. La La La La- my neighbors now hate you. Hee Hee. Think I'll keep singing.


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