Tuesday, November 17, 2009

RTT: I got nothin'. Nothin' but beautiful days and juvenile daydreams.

I am suffering from major writer's block. All this damnable happiness has left me with nothing to bitch about! My whole blog is blown until something craptastic comes along, I guess.

Because this isn't crap:

This is an adorable family of deer, complete with a spotted Bambi fawn, that were in my back yard yesterday.

Awwwww. Aren't they adorable? Just hanging out and drinking from the pond. They all looked up when my camera's shutter released, like they were posing for me or something.

This could've been a great story:
But those little rascals had to go and act all mature and NOT jump through this mother-of-all-rain puddles. They waded through, nice as pie, and didn't get a drop of water in their wellies (oops, just caught myself almost writing "boots": Lord, am I sick of ALL three boys correcting me every time I say it. "It's Wellies, Mawwwwm."). Not one little drop. These children could not be mine, it just isn't like them at all!

These scream-y kids are definitely mine, though:

But what about this:

I'm just driving along and there's this gorgeous Autumn scene going on all around me that is straight out of some romantic movie... so I pull over and take the photo through my car window. I didn't even have to get out of the car, people.

And certainly I don't need to remind anyone of this, this ongoing low-light filtering through trees onto the greenest of grasses thing:

So you may be wondering what do I think about during all these lovely walks and blessed family time? I can't be walking around with the thoughts "Oh,I'm so lucky! Isn't that lovely! Look: a photo op!" on a constant loop, after all....

So, here is my dirty little secret that ties to my guiltiest of pleasures:

That's right. I am daydreaming about The X-Factor. Why? (You may ask with a bemused or incredulous tone in your voice.) Because X-Factor, unlike those age-ists in the US that run American Idol, does not have an age limit for contestants.


I'm a star, dammit.

And I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille....


Yeah, Random Tuesdays rock. All (and I do mean ALL) the cool kids are doin' it, so get your bad self over to Keely's to check out the goodies.


  1. You can't find ANYTHING to bitch about? Do you have a fever? It could be swine flu ;)

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  4. Daydreaming about the X-Factor is not something I would recommend admitting.

    Ah well...

  5. How about bitching about having nothing to bitch about?

    Damn these roses, they keep coming up...how on earth am I ever going to see those weeds :)

    Peace ~ Rene

  6. First time I stopped by and was expecting some bitching. Oh well, maybe next time :) I loved the picture of your kids walking through the puddle!

  7. you don't have something to bitch about???? oh come to my world for a day and you'll get plenty .. start with no heating working and the renting company won't fix it, continue with the huge stain on the ceiling the upper neighbor left when she flooded us in May and the renting company didn't fix it yet and probably time to check out around the electric company that was supposed to fix your heating problem but instead they broke your walls to check if the electric goes in and out of the wall since our heating is in the floor..makes sense right?:P
    Happy Random!

    *mine's up too:)

  8. So if you pay dues to be part of the Bitchin' Wives Club, do you get a partial refund on those days when you can't find anything to bitch about? Or does it allow you to save up for extra bitching on another day? ;)

    Love how careful the boys are walking through the water...and that they make sure you don't call their wellies 'boots'! :) That deer family is breathtaking - as are all the other photo ops! :)

    Happy RTT! :)

  9. Wonderful photos. The deer are beautiful

    Have a great RTT

  10. how very dramatic. your walks are.. LOL lucky chica, ill have to post pics of fall in nevada..... uneventfull

    great RTT

  11. Can I call my rain boots wellies even though I live in Mississippi?

  12. Can I call my rain boots wellies even though I live in Mississippi?

  13. Found you through Un Mom RTT... what a great blog & your layout... jealous!

  14. I had a Portuguese man installing a new window today and he figures that English women excell at "whingeing." Just give it time, hon.

    I can't believe that the gray November weather hasn't broken you yet!! But yea, the scenery is beautiful.

  15. Bitching about happiness! I like that concept. Must try soon.

    Regardless, those pictures are randomly awesome. Fall colors in their best.

    Have a great RTT!

  16. lovely RTT you've got going on - great photos!

  17. Find something to piss you off already.

  18. Ha! If you are too happy to bitch about something you could be in some serious bog trouble! May even have to change your title!!

  19. Gorgeous. And I love the word wellies. I only lived in England for three years and I still use it with my kids. They scream BOOTS! You can't win.


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