Saturday, November 21, 2009

I Make an Ass of Myself So You Can Be Entertained.

Oh, who am I kidding.... I entertained myself the whole time I made this piece of excrement. But I made it with the best of intentions: to honor the wolfpack in New Moon (aaa-oooooo! pant pant pant) and to really embrace the inner idiot that makes me love crummy pop tunes like Shakira's She-Wolf. So, here ya' go. I dare you to listen to the end, I don't believe one person will.

(I tried really hard to put a fancy .mp3 player here and after 45 minutes of being told NO by blogger: I give up!)

Listen and weep, ya'll. Listen. And. Weep.

p.s. Unless this is my mom, and then you can just wait for the next post. This one is not for you. :) Hugs! Love you!!


  1. The boys are really annoyed they "can't see"

    I love the parts where you are laughing, and perhaps taking a sip of your diet and makers mark.


  2. Hey, you were misleading! You did a really good job!

  3. Just know that I am laughing.



  4. This performance is the first time I've been able to understand the words to this song! The laughing in between verses adds to the hit factor!

  5. You surprised us!

  6. me.."charlie do you know who this is singing? "charlie:
    "NO" me "yes you do!! " charlie "AMY" WOW I THOUGHT IT WAS A ROCK STAR OR SOMETHING "Xp

  7. What, no visuals? I am not satisfied with the MP3 only, you have to do the dancing too. In the cage, possibly.

  8. That was an absolute delight! I'm with Ann, love the part where you start giggling. Thanks for the smile on a Sunday morning.


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