Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Visitors in the Garden

I glanced outside the glass doors in the kitchen this morning and something caught my eye. I thought it was a stick, but a strange one. And then I looked closer and thought, "Is that thing moving?" But I couldn't tell for sure if it was really moving or if it was just a flashback retinal deterioration. So I went outside and found this:

A slug!

And then I looked around the gravel on the patio and found three more of them! It has finally started raining here (making it 'normal' weather, apparently) so the garden slugs haven't made an appearance until now. The boys all hopped around and touched them and squealed when their fingers got slimy. Mommy ooh-ed and aah-ed and ran for her camera to take a photographic essay of slugs. A strange little creature that is not found in the Midwest, at least not at these sizes!

A peachy one:
No, I've got my eye on you, slug.

It had to be mushrooms....Why does it always have to be mushrooms?!
Nom, nom, nom.
[gag] (Can you see his little mandible marks in the mushroom layers? Click the pic to make and bigger to see them.)

Good thing I wasn't planning on harvesting them.
Yes, they really do leave slime trails.

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  1. We had slugs outside the night before last. I almost stepped on it, barefoot.

  2. Ewww. We have SO many slugs here too, especially after it rains! It's because they like places with lots of green and... well, lots of it here! And there, obviously :-)

  3. Yikes we have lil tiny frogs, I'll take them over slimey slugs any day. Pour salt on them!

  4. I remember my dad killing slugs with beer when I was younger to keep them out of my mom's garden. I used to cry every time. LOL Now I think they are disgusting!

  5. Ew.

    You finally posted something that hasn't left me pea green over your newest adventure.

    Get some cute Wellies for wandering through the garden.


  6. Eeeeeeeeeeew.

    Such awesome photos, though.

    Still. Ew.

  7. Yesterday morning, after a night of rainfall, my youngest and I were walking to the corner for the bus. I had super long pants on (cripes, I need a tailor), and he was pointing out all the teeny-tiny slugs all over the sidewalk. He didn't want me to get one attached to my pants and infest the house with them. Smart kid. You got far closer to yours than I could have gotten to ours. They were incredibly tiny!

  8. My friend crushes eggshells and sprinkles them about her plants to deter slugs. Apparently, they don't like to crawl over the pokey shells.

    Me? I pour salt on them and watch them dissolve.

  9. Well you learn something new every day. I thought everyone had massive slugs to deal with! I did the salt thing once when I was little and felt so bad after the slug died. They are slimy and gross but it was still a horrible way to die. And I will take slugs over snakes any day!

  10. I'm with the EWWWWW crowd but my kids would have their hands over their freak shows. We don't see those here in Cali either - maybe because it never rains. :-)

    Nice photographs....what a lens you have for those shots....geez.

    Hope all is well with you girl - it's been a while since we've uh, chatted.

    Have a great day!



  11. Nice! I just saw some of these myself during our hike last weekend. The little girl that was with me started telling me all about how cool it is to dissolve them with salt... YYYUUUCCCKKK!!!

  12. Those things look sickening up close.

  13. I stepped on one of those once. Barefoot and in the middle of the night. That's not something you bounce back from.

  14. Of all the things to make me laugh today, it was the slugs.

    Nom nom.


  15. I think your photo essay was awesome.
    I love this kind of stuff!
    The slugs look so much more polite in the UK :)

    Peace - Rene

  16. oh God Amy, aye, gross. Now I'm going to have a nightmare. It's 11pm. Next time I'm reading all your posts when I haven't eaten in two hours

  17. I love that you photographed this slug. I've always thought they were so cool- and your pics did this little guy, no, big guy justice. I think this is why God gave me boys- he knew the critters would not faze me. The loose teeth- gross. The bugs n slugs- bring em on.

  18. At last, you've finally got to experience proper English weather. Nice, isn't it?

  19. I find slugs and the damage they do disgusting. When I was a serious gardener, I'd put out jar lids with beer to catch and kill them. But it always seemed such a waste of good beer.

  20. Awesome! I love macro shots...can't wait for Halloween when I post my spider shots from la campagne here--they will scare the willies off any arachnophobes...mwah ha. In France I rarely see slugs except for in the in our gardens we have freakin' enormous Sammy Snails..or as our neighbour said (in french) 'ooo lunch!' or escargot as it is more commonly known...uhm, no.

  21. That first slug is crazy. Totally looks like a stick!!

  22. I am glad you said it was a slug, I thought it was a snail with no shell.

  23. they don't have slugs in wisconsin? that's odd!

  24. Bleeeeggggh. Come a little further south in the 'ole Midwest, and they're climbing up your screen doors. Gotta love slime all over the screens. So easy to clean.

    I ADORE the little guy (gal?) giving you the eye! How cute is that?


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