Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Random Tuesday Roundup: Baby Cankles and Karaoke!

A the days here at the lake come to an end and my life is hanging on the edge of this precipice that is otherwise known as "The Move to England".... random thoughts are almost all I am capable of. I will not be posting much for the next couple weeks, as I get packing for the flight over and then get am getting settled at our new house. Like any good addict, though, I will be online as much as I can and will try and post short updates, if nothing else. :)

Now--- on to the random thoughts!!

Baby cankles. Don't you just want to eat them up? I saw some kid with them at the park and went home to immediately go through all my photos from Destructo's first year of life- just so I could find this picture and relish those meaty little legs that he used to stumble around on. God, he was such a deliciously fat little baby. If it hadn't been so back-breaking, I would've carried him around cuddling him all the time. ;)

Last night I sat in a lawn chair and watched my three boys and a friend swim, squeal, laugh, push each other off the dock, and jump on and off a floating inner-tube about a 100 times apiece, all in the fading light of dusk. I alternated between laughing, crying, annoyance, and some kind of serenity.

Sometimes things in the house and car start to get so sticky (from the filthy kids) that I feel like my hands are turning into a frog's and I will be able to climb up the wall and onto the ceiling.

I blew up a balloon for the Animal yesterday and he made up a game where he throws it in the air and then runs around screaming in the highest register of his voice until it hits the ground. That's really fun. If you like nails being scraped across your brain.

Speaking of nails being scraped.... I am finally going to post a video of me doing the karaoke thing. Only, you know, not really the real karaoke thing, because I am taping it here on my sleeping porch. At 11 in the morning. But, all the same, I bagged out of the karaoke at BlogHer and after all my smack talk about loving it so much, I feel like I need to just put it out there. My voice is a little rough *cough, cough* so forgive me if I am pitchy. Yeah. I said "pitchy," just like Randy Jackson does on American Idol. Meh. Bite me.

Also, my new twitter friend, Karl from Second Hand Karl, posted a .wav file of him singing Creep by Radiohead and, of course, I opened my big mouth and said, "Oh, oh, me too, me too!!" So here is my fulfillment of that promise to post me singing and making an ass of myself in broad daylight. (And I know what you're thinking: How is this different from any other day? )

That sound? My dignity. Wimpering in the corner....

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  1. DAAAANNNG Girl! Oh no you di'int.

    SHI DI'

    SHI DI'

    AWWWW yeiah.

    You are one sultry chanteuse.


  2. i would totally do a karaoke video of "don't go breakin my heart", but i need lee here to do the kiki dee part of the duet. oh well, maybe next time.

    anyway, you've got the voice AND the balls to go far! you need to be lying on a piano in some dark, smokey room somewhere. rock on, sister!

  3. 2.5 and I have been back three times.

    "I want Amy sings. AMY SINGS"

    Oh and you could sell that cankles photo. In fact, I suggest a " bitchin' baby cankles" coffee table book.

    OMG, 2.5 just puckered up and air kissed you when you did your close-up. NO JOKE. HA!

  4. Holy cow.
    You kinda.... ROCK.
    No wonder you were aching to do the BlogHer karaoke thang.

    There was this moment before you start singing when you take a deep breath and I figured you were gonna just giggle and say 'just kidding!'...but you did it!!!

    Safe travels. Try your best to breath and keep your sense of humor. Which is the only thing you shouldn't have to PACK.

    I will be thinking of you and sending good vibes.


  5. Holy shit, that was awesome! Work that camera, girl!

  6. HEY! Excellent voice, Amy! How cool was that?!

    I do a mean version of CCR's Travelin' Band, but it requires a number of preparatory lagers.

    Should have my laptop back at the end of the week. I've been gone so long!!!!


  7. Apparently all that's needed for drunken banshees to succeed in scarring us all at BlogHer Karaoke is for enchanting singers to choose to go to dinner instead or something. :)

    I think as a form of restitution you should post more karaoke videos.

  8. Dang.....is that really your voice? Who knew ? Xp

  9. Well.

    You're gonna rock the Motherland, you are!

    You're really good, Amy!!!

    Simon would be gob-smacked.

  10. YOU make a terrific blues singer!
    Suddenly that sleeping porch doesn't seem so sleepy. . .

  11. Your singing is AWESOME! Sadly my wi-fi sucks right now and the video is coming in super choppy.

  12. Girl, you are smoldering!! I had to crank up the volume since I had my earplugs in - not kidding (I was in the midst of vacuuming and since I'm half deaf I like to preserve the remainder of my hearing.) You have a beautiful voice :D

  13. Gah! Way to make myself sound like a total dork. The earplugs were for the vacuum noise - NOT your lovely singing!!

  14. You definately would get enough votes to stay on till the end.

    Great job...very serene.

  15. That was fabulous! I'll call Randy Jackson and get you an audition on American Idol!

  16. Amy,

    That was so awesome! There is no way I could do karaoke like that without a few drinks first. Your voice is beautiful.

    I hope you and the boys have a safe trip to your new home.


  17. Work it...work those eyebrows Mamma!

    I love it..and I love when you feign boredom....

    Sweet Sassy Molassey you are hot...

    Peace - Rene

  18. I think I have a girl crush..
    Sexy singing!

  19. whooo!!! is it hot in here?

    my 2yo watched with me too.. she loves you now. ;) and she's now sitting in her daddy's lap singing.

    you're such a trend setter.

  20. Alright...you kicked my a**...You can have Journey back;)

  21. That was fantastic! I think you sang that better than Amy Winehouse. Really!

  22. Next time, there should be stripping and singing.

    I'm impressed, by the way!

  23. My daughter has some cute little cankels, I'm going to enjoy them tomorrow. We bought her new shoes today and she did laps around the house, Forrest Gump style. Your son's cankles were adorable too.

    I'm "officially" representing Keely today...consider her represented.

  24. Broad daylight! Your balls must be made of boulders. Then again, you sound better than most karaoke participants I've heard. On the other hand, I don't even know what 'pitchy' means.

    Baby cankles are fabulous, which is why we let slide the grimy frog-hand messes they make.

  25. Dude - !!! Your dignity whimpering in the corner???? WTF? You are damn GOOD!!! Seriously now - you know it right? Like you really know it!!! I love the quality of your voice and just the whole vibe.


  26. Wow - you really know how to sing! Love it...

  27. Holy Shit! You are amazing!

  28. Beautiful, sassy, AND you can sing! Damn, girl! Well done!

    Baby cankles...sigh...love baby cankles, but I LOVE baby knuckles! I routinely check my youngest to see if his have entirely disappeared, and then I have to excuse myself to the bathroom to weep quietly when I notice they really have.

    Speaking of weeping, good lord, please forgive the fact that I probably came off as a raging hormone case in the email I sent you. Yeah. That would be good...


  29. I think you're rad. Great singing AND attitude (or 'tude). Now if you had cankles - it would be perfect.

  30. You are too fabulous. Quit your day job. Unless your day job is singing.

  31. Ahhahhahhahahha! THAT WAS AWESOME.


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