Friday, July 10, 2009

The House is Empty.... Uh,.... Let's PARTY!

I went home to steam clean the carpets, weed the garden, clean and seal the granite countertops and to do some general work/cleanup stuff that I figured daddy-007 wouldn't have time to do next week when he goes to the house for the last time before the renters move in at the end of the month. It was sad and all that, but now that it is empty and devoid of so much of the character that we filled it with over the years, it wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be.

I mean, it wasn't hard until the hangover got me.

"Hangover?!", you say? Bemused and arching your eyebrows, shaking your head at the shenanigans that poor Amy has gotten up to again.....

I called a few friends and sent out a well-timed tweet regarding a certain time to meet up at The Karaoke Kid... a local karaoke dive that ranks as one of my favorite Madison watering holes. And, lo and behold, 8:30 pm rolls around and there I am, with a Maker's Mark and Diet Coke in hand, freshly off my kickin' new bicycle, with my best gal-pal, sidled up next to me at the bar. :) And then those crazy bloggers arrived! First we had Ann's Rants, then MaggieDammit, and then Chris of infamy....

I had myself one hell of a last hurrah and paid the ultimate price on Thursday morning.

Hangover central. Near death. Dry heaves. Ugh.

But, I gotta say, IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!!

And now I've said goodbye to our beautiful house and can get on with the summer. :)


p.s. Apologies to Braja.... She may not get to join us to go out to karaoke bars, but she's got my undivided attention for relaxing mornings from opposite ends of the earth. :) Watch out for our newly named British Raj, One Morning A Week tandem posts which will resume once my relocation to England is complete.


  1. wait. Did I hear someone say HANGOVER????

    I'll be right over.

  2. I can't wait to meet you at BlogHer and I am still SOOO excited for your upcoming jaunt across the pond.

  3. There's no point sucking up to's unforgivable I wasn't there. All this palling with the girls is making me screech. But see these two above? I'm hangin' with them in September and you will be off in the flippin' UK...your timing is lousy, my love...

    Vodka, I'll buy you a hangover in NYC; Sandi? We'll talk :))

  4. I want to skateboard through your house. I also want to go to NY and have a hangover.

  5. Cleaning with a hangover.. my my my! Jolly hockey sticks and all that...You've got to start learning the lingo now! ;-)

  6. I want to join Dumbass in skating through your house. Mind if I do some jumps off the granite tops?

  7. not familiar with what a hangover is .... hmmm perhaps i'll have to experiment? LOL Blogher will be too much fun!

  8. Best thing to do with an empty, bare house! ;-) Party in it with a bunch of other crazy bloggers! ;-)

  9. YOUR HOUSE! Holy crap! I barely recognize it! (But I still want it.)

    It was so fun to see you. I'm only sorry your hangover kept us from procrast -- er, I mean, coffee/lunch/more fun.

    See you in two weeks.



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