Monday, July 20, 2009

Closely Guarded Secrets Revealed: Karaoke Picks for BlogHer

I know everyone who isn't going to BlogHer must be dreadfully sick of hearing about it, but as it is a mere four days away now I find that I am more consumed by it with each passing hour!

Because I am a sad and pathetic type, riddled with the urge to get up on stages at run-down bars to sing my wee heart out in a desperate attempt to pretend that I am a rock star OR because, quite simply: ~I do rock, therefore I must sing.~ My biggest concern for BlogHer has not been the clothes, nor the sessions, nor the people that I want to meet but am fearful will shun me:

My biggest concern has been nailing down which songs I will sing for the karaoke party that happens on Friday at the BlogHer cocktail party and at the MamaPop Sparklecorn Extravaganza later that same night.

I mean, seriously, what is wrong with me?? THAT is my biggest concern for a two-day networking blitz that could help me move my blog to a new level or at least help me lead it on a path that is a bit more directed than it has been on recently?


So, since I have been so obsessed with it, I will share my list of FOUR songs that I have carefully chosen for the BlogHer party circuit. Please bear in mind that there will be 1000 people at this conference and 500 people at the MamaPop party, so I might not even have a chance to get up there and sing a song. (I promise I will not knock anyone down in my haste to rush my song selection to the DJ. I promise!) However, be warned: If anyone who reads this list, then goes off to BlogHer and picks my songs: Woe unto you and all you hold sacred. So help me, I will totally cut you, beeyotch. Kidding! Maybe. ;)

Ok, so no more stalling. Drumroll, please. Alright. Here it is:

1. Amy Winehouse - You Know I'm No Good
2. Journey - Don't Stop Believin'
3. Fleetwood Mac - Dreams
4. Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs - Maps
Now, there will have to be some rejiggering of the order, depending on the prevailing winds of each party and, of course, if some bitch really does sing one of them before me. And, of course, I LOVE (will somebody please tell me how you type a heart symbol??) requests, so if you have any great ideas for a song that is in the approximate range of these ones listed.... I am all ears. :) Thanks!

And, yes, thank you for asking, that is me in that photo up there. And, yes, I am awarding myself my very own Trainwreck Award for being such a freak about karaoke. But guess what? YOU get a Trainwreck Award for reading about me being a freak about karaoke. So there!

Post it with pride and pass it along to any beautiful, wonderful, entertaining trainwrecks that you know and love. :)


  1. Yes to Fleetwood Mac!

    Love the new British look.. thank goodness you haven't gone overboard with it! ;-)

  2. Love the new look! Have fun at Blogher not good at karaoke. Not enough alcohol in the world to get me to sing! Knock em dead!

  3. No need to vote as I feel confident we will get your whole play list.

    We need to concern ourselves more with the spontaneous songs we decide we will rock after drinking hours pass...

    No I want to be Linda and YOU can be Aaron!

  4. Sorry, I didn't get past the first sentence, because yes, I'm a bitter, bitter, bitter person.

    But I'm sure the choices are awesome.

    (Start with Journey - always a crowd pleaser. So I lied. Bitter, lonely people do that.)

  5. It's on- I am a karaoke fool and have been concerned about the same thing- what song?? Luckily- none on your list are even in my top 20- so we're cool!

  6. I really, really think you're going to have a fight on your hands unless you actually do plant yourself way up to the front first and bust out that Journey hit before anyone else can!

    Don't Stop Believin' - it's more than just the perfect karaoke song, it's a mantra you're going to have to live your life by in order to make sure no one sings it before yo do!

  7. Wow, you can sing Maps?! My hat is off to you! You are a superstar. Last time I sang, 'Wait, she don't love you like I love you, mmaaaaaa- ahhhhhh- ahhhhhh, maaaaaah- ahhhhhhh- ahhhhhh - RUNNING OUT OF AIR, MUST CONTINUE- ahhhhhh- BIG BREATH-appps. I thought I was all broadway, mtv award sort of singer, but singers don't snort for air in the middle I'm told. Dang.

    But you can sing Maps, wow I'm sooo impressed, so my vote is MAPS cause people will be like, wow, she is RAD!

    And IF someone does try to sing it before you, shank them!

  8. ♥ Here's the HTML code for heart.

    I also love karaoke. I always sing Olivia Newton John's "Let Me Be There" which is kinda lame but matches my voice perfectly. I tried to sing Cheryl Crow last time. Fail. Then again, I also sand "Convoy" and "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" but that's mostly becuase the bar was dead and I was sorta hammered. But I had a blast!

    Have a great time at Blogher!


    Oops, here's the link for the web page where you can copy the code.

  10. Nice! I'm thinkin "There Are Worse Things I Could Do" from Grease. But then again, I'll probably chicken out and not karaoke at all.

  11. This is great! I loooove the Amy Winehouse "do." Good luck!

  12. Yummy look for the blog. I love it!

  13. I'm now wishing that I had signed up for BlogHer. . .

  14. I'd be glad to rock some Journey with you, if you're so inclined! ;)

  15. Love the new look and refollowing you on twitter. Long story but I have a new name now. I've missed you but I'm back now. You'd be one I'd be looking for if I was going to blogher

  16. Just to really drive home your obsession and 'trainwreckness'...
    Hey fellow readers? Bitchen Wife has been suggesting songs for OTHER people to sing too. She is creating a whole playlist for watch out. Her pick for me??? Glamorous by Fergie.


  17. See now, it was all your ballgame unitl you mentioned Journey Don't Stop Believing...That's my song girl. Didn't you see me Vlog it? I'm coming back with a link...

  18. Awwww...Snap! Take that...

  19. Love the new look of your blog! "Suits you, sir, suits you!" If you're living in the UK, you HAVE to know where that little line comes from!!

    Anyway, have fun at BlogHer -- not going here, but it's probably for the best as ye know I would have totally hogged the Karaoke!!

  20. I don't do karaoke, but I'm taking that award anyway. I'll leave my singing for the privacy (and safety) of my car.

  21. A hypodermic needle sticking out of the shoulder would have been the coup de grace for the AW look. Good luck on karaoke night!

  22. I hope to sing Journey, but not that song! I hope to get to sing at all!! I'm seriously thinking about bringing my own cd of karaoke songs just in case. :)

    This will be my first BlogHer so it's important that I make a total ass of myself in a memorable fashion!


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