Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Thousand Word Thursday

Since I've got weddings on my mind.... One of the other most fabulous weddings that I've been to was in Paris. One of my best-ies (bff) from college married a French fellow and the whole wedding weekend was as romantic and amazing as you would imagine it to be. :) I read a poem at that wedding, too. God help me, though, I can't remember who wrote it, though! I think it was Pablo Neruda or another Spanish poet. I read a gorgeous Wallace Stevens poem at my cousin's wedding last Saturday..... Here it is:

Restatement of Romance

The night knows nothing of the chants of night.
It is what it is as I am what I am:
And in perceiving this I best perceive myself

And you. Only we two may interchange
Each in the other what each has to give.
Only we two are one, not you and night,

Nor night and I, but you and I, alone,
So much alone, so deeply by ourselves,
So far beyond the casual solitudes,

That night is only the background of our selves,
Supremely true each to its separate self,
In the pale light that each upon the other throws.

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  1. Beautiful. That would have been wonderful!

  2. Beautiful! A wedding in Paris so cool. I love desination weddings, so in right now. Nobody did that back in the day.

  3. That's a pretty deep poem (oh and a GORGEOUS photo) -- I'm always love-struck when I see couples who embrace those sort of lovey-dovey husband would LOL if I ever shared something like that with him - men.

  4. What a beautiful bride and best friend.

  5. Pale light? Crumbs that's deep. I don't emit any light when I sleep. Just snores.

  6. We're coming up on 20 (yikes) years this fall and I am trying to convince my Other Half to re-marry me. I plan on choosing a much less poofier dress & hair do.

  7. I have this sudden urge to go to Paris now.

  8. To me the night represents passion or romance. It's fleeting, as is night. It's a third party to their relationship, that neither can claim without the other. And as intoxicating as it is or isn't, it's only the background.

    Thanks for making my brain work for a second.

    Its over now.

  9. i would love to go to paris! got any more friends that are getting married what would like to have an extra guest they don't even know, come?

  10. Beautiful bride! Wow, it would be so cool to attend a wedding in Paris.

  11. I wouldn't mind going to a wedding if it was in Paris.

  12. a wedding in Paris? Sounds absolutely magnificent!

  13. Beautiful poem, and a couple beautiful women in the photo. Love your coat.

    I think I need to get to Paris and have someone trailing me, reciting poetry!

  14. You both look awesome.

    And wow.....can't wait to hear you recite that poem at the bar at BlogHer. You are so versatile with your karaoke and wedding poetry reciting.

    You do impress.


  15. Seriously, how gorgeous are you! Great story!

  16. Aww I bet that was so much fun! Beautiful poem! TFS

  17. How do real people mange to come up with beauty like that?

  18. The bride looks stunning and the words are beautiful!


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