Wednesday, April 01, 2009

See You Next Tuesday, Winchester Rental Agents!

I am prepping furiously for my trip next week to England:

What was that last one? Oh, THAT one? Sure, I'll tell you about those rental agents, ...thanks for asking! :) Apparently, according to the tone of some of their voices and impossibly high "disconnect" rate (oh, no, know she di'int! that bitch did NOT just hang up on me!), it turns out that I am a stupid-ass American who doesn't have enough money to be bothered with.


I am talking to YOU, Savills Lettings in Winchester.

I may not be in your top spending bracket with what we want to spend a month, but, seriously: Isn't it your job to rent the properties you have listed on your website? I mean, Savills wasn't too proud to take the listing, but YOU, haughty salesbitch, are too proud to show it to any old plebe that rings you up on the phone?

I can appreciate that I do not know much about the real estate rental market in Southern England and that it might be frustrating to you. But, again, isn't it your job to educate me? Preferably in a way that doesn't reek of condescension and is so belittling of me that I am left spitting nails and glass shards 4000 miles away?

Honestly, I appreciate the real estate lesson. I do! I need to know that our budget will only afford a two-bedroom flat with views of the cathedral or a four bedroom in the suburban monotony of Hedge End or Horton Heath. Maybe a farm-house in a rural area. I just don't like getting that lesson from a woman that is talking to me like I'm an idiot. Sheesh! And, really, there are at least a FEW houses in our price range that are in Winchester. Apparently there is a really big difference between the city center and the outskirts of the city, at least that's how the salesbitch turned it around on me, when I pointed out that they did have houses listed at our price. Gah!

I'm over it. Just a vent to get the poison out. ;-)

Moving on: I am very excited for our trip to the UK next week. I have been hard at work getting everything lined up for our days there, which is why my posting is erratic this week. And non-existent next week. Despite my bad experiences with a couple bitchy letting agents, we do have some appointments set up to see some interesting things. And I have high hopes that once I get there I will fall head over heels with the area, the people, and the idea that we will be embracing this culture and immersing ourselves in it by the end of the summer.

Here's a teeny pic of the house I've got the highest hopes for.
Isn't she dreamy?

Wish us luck that a property in a great school catchment area will fall into our laps while there! I have suddenly got a good feeling about the whole thing! :)


  1. I wish you safe and enjoyable travels my friend. Please dbl check you have a valid passport..Sorry I could not help myself. You and 007 be well , God Bless and I look forward to your adventures upon return. Thanks for the friendship.

  2. Blessings on ya trip. Good luck letting agents!!! *snickers*

    I do lurve the teeny tiny pic of the house. :)

  3. What a cute little house! I wish you well on your trip and hope that dealing with the people and agents (because they clearly AREN'T people)

    You will have a great time!

  4. People can be so haughty and arrogant!!! I hope you get that charming house you have your eye on and that all works out as you are hoping :-)

  5. I know many people like that agent.

    I've also encountered that the "rattiest" people have the most money. Now go tell her that you're interested in Buckingham Palace and can pay cash!

  6. Ohboyohboyohboy! That house is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Am crossing my fingers for you! Have a safe and fruitful trip!

    If you're there long enough (after you move there), maybe you'll have a snooty accent when you guys come back!

  7. That house is like a fairy tale dream! Kiss it Real Estate bishes!

  8. The Bitchin' Wife will prevail! Seriously...Daddy 007? Rental Lady? fuggetaboutit.

    I will miss you and your fabulosity mucho mucho mi amiga.


  9. That house lools like something from a fairy tale....good luck.....and try not to hurt anyone!

  10. Hey, if I could get that house, I would homeschool them myself!

  11. Real estate agents are the same world-wide then. I had a similar experience when we suffered the humiliation of having to move to New Jersey (at least you're not moving THERE!) They spent the first two days of our 4 day house hunting trip showing us total crap and insulting us in as many ways as possible. And when we moved to Atlanta, our saleslady looked and acted like Elvira! I kid you not!

    Best of luck Amy! Don't take any crap from them (I know you won't!) and enjoy the bangers and mash,

    That cottage looks dreamy!

  12. The letting agents are not the most reliable around here when it comes to a timetable as well. Just remember to call ahead to make sure they really ARE going to meet you at the property for a viewing. Yeah, learned that one the hard way. When you get off the airplane I would also look into getting a cheap prepaid mobile phone (on that you can top off at your leisure) in order to have a working phone number that they can call you on other than the hotel phone line. My parents found a phone for like £14 and then topped it off for £10 and it lasted them the whole 2 weeks there were here.

  13. PASSPORT!!!! Don't forget your Passport!!!!
    Have a safe trip!

  14. Wow, they sound like a bunch of unhappy English people. Not good. I hope it all works out for you, and can't wait for posts from England!!

  15. Alright, already: MY PASSPORT IS BRAND SPANKIN' NEW AND READY TO ROCK AND ROLL! Thanks for reminding of that last trip FAIL.

    No, seriously,.... THANKS for reminding me! :) I need all the help I can get!!

  16. Welcome to the stiffness that can be British. Definitely a big difference between Americans and the Brits.

  17. Ooohhhh dear... sigh...

    Well...I think that's a foretaste of the kind of treatment you may very well often receive in England...they really do not have a very high regard for Americans...

    So sorry to hear of your bitch-party... :( hu hu hu :(

    Oh well...jolly 'ole England is in for a bitch-titude once you get your hands on it! ;-)

  18. Dreamy house! As for that bitchy lettings agent - GAH! - Hope you manage to connect with someone who doesn't have a silver spoon up her whazzoo!

    I'll be thinking of you next week!

  19. 1st time here. Completely intrigued by the idea of picking up and moving to England. Will be back.

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  21. Hi Amy. I think you should home school the boys. Not because it would be fun or that it would be the best thing for them, but because it would make great blog fodder. Also, then, cottage location wouldn't matter ;-) Cheers and have fun! Sara


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