Monday, February 09, 2009

Melancholy Monday: Update

Sorry, everyone, for being so out of it with responses today. I am dedicating this post to all the people who commented on the post I put up this morning. My head has really been out of it as I moped around, mulling over all the thoughtful comments that you have graciously provided. You guys are so excellent for not only listening to me whine, but offering me advice, solace and reassurance on the subject of moving, little girls and retirement. I love how each of you chose the subject you could relate to and offered something from your own experience.

I am feeling better about the little girl... I know that if fate wants me to have one, she'll arrive in her own sweet time; not under the circumstances that I imagined she would, of course, but she'll get here one way or another. :) Patience has never been my strong suit (and am I ever paying for that with my 3 impatient boys!) but I'm just going to have to, as the Dude says, "Abide."

As for the move: We are renting a pod/storage unit and I will pack that thing to the roof with as much stuff as I can!!! Just watch that man of mine try and stop me! ;-) No doubt I'll get back in two years and ask WHY did I pack up THREE can openers?? But I'll hearken back to all of you and say, "Whatever. Because I wanted to." And all the furniture will be going into the pod, too, in case you are wondering.

And as to retiring to a big old house: My husband says he wants to revisit the topic (complete with ominous overtones). I do to. To tell him he can have an out-building to himself, while I enjoy myself and all my guests in the main house. (Think The Lodge on The Pioneer Woman's site.) I think we can make something work.

Of course, this is assuming the markets and economy come back. Otherwise, we'll be moving back to the shack I grew up in. Yikes!


  1. That is precisely why we are here mate. To pick you up and dust you off when you are down , praise your glory days and fill your soul with the knowledge that as bad as it may seem you have friends.

  2. This is becoming a very stressful time for you right now. A trans-atlantic move is huge! If you need to vent, then you go right ahead and vent! I'm not sure how my sister did it, being married to a career soldier.
    Now IS a good time though to get rid stuff you know you'll never use again. More than a year ago, I rented a 20 yard dumpster (I asked for a small one, they brought a huge one) and I filled that baby up! I tossed 1.5 tons of crap out of my house!
    Funny, I have the big house and I'm dying to get into a little cape cod! I also want to mvoe south where it's warmer but my kids don't know that yet.

  3. I have 3 boys myself and I wanted a girl soooo bad. I still want another child, but I would be perfectly happy with a boy! I don't have all of the drama that I would with girls. Thanks goodness, I dont know if I could deal with it.
    Your daughters in law will love you and then maybe you will get ALL grand daughters!

  4. I read both your posts and I feel for you. It isn't too early to think about these things and to have that yearning. And I love your solution that you came up with -- he can live in the tiny guesthouse and you have the fun family-filled main house! And nothing says home like all your old junk waiting for you! And who knows what you might find when you come back in two years ... maybe you'll find the home of your dreams. It is a scary time for you with such a big change coming up ... I'm sure this isn't the first time you will feel this melancholy over the next few months.

    And I just wish I had met my husband sooner and had more time to have more than one child. One of the regrets of my life ... but you just have to take what you get and make the best of it I guess.

  5. Your blog ate my comment. I was saying that I'm glad you feel better and that I do to and thank god for dirty martinis...

  6. Can I have a room in your big old house? And I can bring Anjana, my maid...who the hell needs to worry about "maintenance?" :)))

  7. Nothing to say. Just... {{{hugs}}}

  8. I totally get the desire for the big house so that the children will come back and visit. On the other hand, I also totally get the small city apartment -- and the oldies who are away, most of the time, having adventures.

    About the stuff: if it was in the basement and you had totally forgotten about it please at least entertain the idea of giving it to Goodwill. I've had many storage years, and rarely did we miss - or even remember - anything that we put in the unit.


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