Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Math For Girls (Or For Anyone!) And More

Today's post, remarkably, is not about me. ;-) It is about this great on-line game-building/sharing company that a friend of mine is involved with. Please read about the cool-ness that is:

One of my neighbors, Greg (Marla's brother!), is part of this excellent start-up company called Sharendipity. With the success of social media and casual online games (remember Line-Rider? That type of thing.), he and his partners came up with this great idea that if they provided game-making tools to everyone, then some amazing and really creative games or interactive greeting cards or really any interactive on-line show/tool could be created by YOU without having to know how to write code or be a programmer geek.

Sharendipity, spurred by boredom-inducing math homework assignments for their children decided to use the game-building tools to make interactive math games and came up with this great decimal sorting game (See the demo below.) But, more importantly, it got them thinking about how Sharendipity could be a great tool for teachers to come up with easily created FUN content for their students. So now they are looking for:

- partners interested in using this content in their classrooms.
- teachers to provide input into the types of tools they'd like to have access to.
- teachers (and parents!) that are interested in contributing to the creation process.
- kids who'd prefer to have fun while they learn. :)

A disclaimer from Greg reads:
Sharendipity isn't really in the game-creation business. Our goal is to empower others to collaborate and create the content that is unique to them and share it with others. In this particular case, I built the game. and I'm prepared to help on additional projects as our tools continue to mature (it's still pretty early for us).

So please contact me, if you would like to learn more about Sharendipity or if you would like to get in touch with Greg to learn more about how you could use Sharendipity in your classroom, your home-schooling, or if you have some great ideas that you want to share. :) Thanks!!


  1. That looks wonderful! Schools should always be about having fun while learning.

  2. I cannot keep up with your blog marketing savvy. Very cool, and very cool of you to give them the shout-out. I see your taking ads. Guess your treat for the coffee tomorrow! I like the two column format. I desperately want to clean up and simplify over at my place, too (the blog and the couch).xo

  3. I passed this on to my boyfriend, who is a teacher. Who knows how far this might go?!

  4. OMG I lOVE your new design...really. Is that you up there? I knew you rocked, but that's so...literal :)))

  5. New layout! I like it. Very badass, Amy!

  6. Oh dear! NO WAY! This is just another thing that's gonna suck me in and knock my head onto the computer screen! Like what happened with me when I started being "Flo" in Diner Dash! Never again...never again....

    Although I truly am thankful for the appreciation for people in the serving industry, that the game taught me! :) They have hard work, you know!

  7. That sounds really really cool! what a great idea! :-D

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