Monday, January 12, 2009

He's Baaaa-aaaaack! And then Gone Again, just like that.

My delicious Daddy-007 finally got back last night from England! Hooray!!! I can finally turn down the electric blanket! I was planning on having a lasagna for dinner and giving him a big home-cooked meal with all his favorite people (the Furious Five, back together!) but my plans got derailed when I didn't have any mozzarella and then had a little too much fun running out to Trader Joe's on my own (remember that I've had to tote along at least one child with me to the grocery this week and, oh, yeah, that I just never went to the store because I vowed not to cook on my "vacation at home"); so the lasagna, though I assembled it, did not get baked because we wouldn't have eaten until after 7pm and that is just too late for the kids.

Insead, we went out to our favorite Mexican restaurant. It was CC's idea and he was pretty adorable after dinner when he looked at me and 007 and beamed, "High-Fives for coming up with the idea for Mexican, right?" Delivered with a waggle of the eyebrows, open mouth smile, and uplifted hand ready for giving a high-five to. :) Recognition given, where recognition is due. High-fives all around! Go team Furious!!!

Unfortunately, Daddy-007 just left (at 5:45am) for Chicago, where he is taking a weeklong seminar on some program he needs to know for his yacht design studies. He says he's coming back tonight for one more night at home with all his loveys, but I think he is going to be too exhausted and will end up crashing at my uncle's like he had planned before to do. We'll see. This week will definitely get interesting without him around (again).

So, here's the skinny on the trip: HE LOVED IT. The program at the school looks great. The stats for graduates getting hired for the kind of job that he wants to get are super. There is a huge boating industry right there so he can get internships while he is taking classes. He was impressed with the faculty that he met. He liked (not loved) Southampton, but thought that the areas around it were pretty great. On the whole, he thinks it is a chance of a lifetime.

So, all that adds up to: This whole "Moving to England" thing is a GO.

His gut feeling on neighborhoods was to concentrate on Eastleigh, Netley Abbey, and Chandler's Cross. (What happened to Winchester?! We'll see what mama can do about that when we head over together ;^) I will now start obsessing over property searches and school information in those cities.

And most importantly, his favorite place that he went to on the trip,... his most vivid and heart-warming experience on the trip: The Duke of Wellington Pub. Check the link for more info on this totally cool pub built in the 1200s. It's right around the corner from the Baitkeeper's Cottage, natch. :)


  1. moving to england? HOW EXCITING!!!!! thanks for stoping by and hope you don't mind me popping in on you!

    ps-glad about the electric blanket. energy conservation and all. wink.

  2. Your life is so adventurous! I have plans to take a sick guinea pig to the vet. Then pick up my daughter after school. I don't know how I do it all either!

  3. Your blog is going to take off in a whole new direction now! What an adventure!

  4. I'm with Liz - your blog scene is gonna get to go on one wild ride as you prepare and embark on this journey of a lifetime!! Incredible. When is it happening? And I'm still generally blown away by the whole "yacht design" deal. What kind of job does he want? I guess designing yachts? I guess someone's gotta do it that yacht designing thing... ;-)

  5. This is all amazing, just amazing.
    I can't wait to follow your move (through your blog, not actually following you around) :-P

  6. Wow! Really?! Exciting and scary and how weird are your blogs gonna get?!
    I live through you!

  7. I'm so jealous. I would love to move ANYWHERE at this point. I'm not meant to live in L.A. that is for sure. I'm so excited for you and your family. Really. Wow!

  8. Glad that he had a good trip. I hope your move is smooth and eventless...or if it is eventful I hope it is at least good blog material.

  9. Rants: I'm going to have to find another local blogger to meet with for drinks and blog-talk! Wah!!

    Mouthy Irish Woman: That electric blanket is the best thing ever: we keep the house at 60˙ at night to conserve energy (or dollars- take your pick). :) Thanks for stopping by!

    Comedy Goddess: Guinea Pigs! That sounds like a household adventure. And we all know that picking the kids up at school is akin to going on safari some days.

    Liz: I'm hoping there will be plenty of blog fodder. With my tendency toward misadventure, I'm sure plenty of issues will arise.

    Lee: I am generally blown away by the yacht design thing, too! His life revolves around his family and boats (and NOT always in that order, it feels like) so this is what he feels is a logical "next step" on his career path. I'm too scattered to even understand what the heck that sentence means in regards to myself: but I am totally along for the ride and up for an adventure.

    Damn Expat: I can't wait to call myself an expat! ;)

    Pearl: Time will tell on that whole weird, scary, exciting thing. This blog may end up a chronicle of a total nervous breakdown. :0

    Bernthis: I wish you could move to NYC and start a blogaholics group with Marinka.... but not to stop blogging, to promote it and chronicle it in depth!

    Kat: Thanks! Glad to know my friends care about their next good read. lol ;^) I'm coming to YOU for advice, so watch out.

  10. Oh oh oh how wonderful. Where in England? The country or the city? Well get ready for bland food, wellies, books, smarties and shepherd's pie. Wonderful.

  11. It must be cool to be an expatriate for a while. By the way thank you so much for the nice compliment.

  12. I am so excited for you guys!

  13. Laura: I think we will land in a small city. Not sure yet! Yes, the food really blows there, right? Looks like I'll be doing a lot more cooking at home...

    KMcJoseph: We'll see how cool it is once we get there!

    Temple: You're sweet. :) I'm excited for your Sith Snuggie costume!

  14. Yay for a good report about the place you are moving to! Good luck!

  15. Honey!!!! I KNOW Chandlers Cross!! I used to live in Radlett. OMG girl you are stomping around my old grounds now :) Watford is the closest in terms of shopping, and it's really quite quaint and English-country-townish but has all the big stuff...ah crap I could go on and on and possibly will via email :)

  16. Brenda Susan: Yes, it is wonderful to get some of the massive unknowns out of the way and begin to move forward.

    Braja: That is amazing!! I'm so glad to hear that you know the area... I will be pestering you non-stop with even more questions than I already do! ;^) p.s. Glad to see you back! I missed your day away from the internet.... :))))

  17. I would love to have a blogger conference in your "new" town. How exciting!!!

  18. Holy Crap! That's fantastic! I love that idea! Can't wait to move with you, bloggy-style...

    (Eeuw. That came out all wrong but you get the idea...)




  19. Amy, thanks for stopping by! I love your blog and Southampton is about 40 minutes away from me so you are kind of moving to my neck of the woods! Woo-hoo! Keep in touch and if you need any advice, you know where to find me...

  20. Ah - the pubs! THat's reason enough to move to England.. And the fact that we always drink tea with our pinkies sticking out!

  21. This sounds so exciting. My guy and I have a list of places that we plan to go and England is on the top of that list for me given my penchant for English History. He just needs to get out of the Air Force and home from Korea first.


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