Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thousand Word Thursday

Not sure if this affects anyone or not, but I switched my URL to . It just makes more sense than the old one.

Now for a picture that sums up why we love our summer home in Iowa so much:
When that is your view every night you know you've got something wonderful. Who knew you could get this kind of view in IOWA of all places???

Cheaper Than Therapy


  1. Gorgeous shot! Love the way the clouds look!

    Thanks for joinin' in!

  2. Aren't you lucky! Beautiful picture.

  3. who knew... for a second i thought it was at my folks...

  4. hee hee.. I am totally laughing at the "hornblower" comment! do you have any recipes for manmeat?? lol.. so glad that you "get" my humor. Most don't.

  5. That picture is fantastic!

    Found you through the NaBloPoMo Randomizer - good luck this month.


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