Saturday, November 29, 2008

One More Day Before I Say, "I DID IT!"

"Just two more days until we cross the [NaBloPoMo] finish line, and what have you learned this month? Have you managed to post something thought-provoking every day, or do you feel like you clogged up the Internet with less-than-satisfying content for the sake of endurance?"
Hmmm, what have I learned? First, I didn't think it was possible to spend more time at my computer (ignoring the children, chores, dinner, husband, etc.) than I already was. But after blogging every day for a month, I found out that I could! I could spend a whole lot more time, indeed. Little did I know that devoting myself to the fledgling blog would entail diving down a rabbit-hole of wickedly clever and funny bloggers that would steal every spare moment I have, and then some. Bending my ear this way and that, first about rabid honey sellers in India, then to Shoutin' Shtettle playsets, viciously honest rants on health care getting eff-ed by stupid beaurocracy, hot trips to Vegas to see Ellen, runaway kitties that steal the car and smoke all the cigarettes, and don't forget the daddy blogs.... I'll go to my grave remembering that some guy out there had a blog called "The Wind in My Vagina." (Worth the price of admission for the short paragraph that explains the title alone.) And many, many more that have provided many laughs and much entertainment.

As to whether I put up something "thought-provoking" every day.... Was that the theme for the month? Did I miss something?? I doubt I accomplished that, but I think (hope) I was at least mildly entertaining most days!

More than anything, I really feel like this little experiment has introduced me to some wonderful people that I feel oddly close to, given how physically far afield they are and anonymous their identies are.


  1. And so does this mean that you will be able to find the time to continue to write every day?!

  2. Congrats! Remember "a month is a looooong time" Thank you for entertaining me and validating my cyber existance. Thanks for the linky, too! xo

  3. Yeah, Amy, does that mean you're gonna blog every day now? I'll miss you if you don't :(

  4. I'm amazed at how many people did this! I have a hard enough time finding things to blog about 4 times a week!



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