Monday, November 24, 2008

All-Time Marital Lows

I'm not going to make a list, although I certainly could! ;-) But my husband and I just hit a new low.... We finished watching The Amazing Race at 9:30 last night and he excused himself upstairs to go read the laptop in bed. As soon as he was up the stairs, I went to my computer to finish reading all my new favorite blogs (really, there are too many awesome people out there writing!) and get a few comments in. I'm in the middle of Braja's bit on jackals and I get an email. It's my husband. From upstairs. In bed. Emailing me to check my schedule. I check it and email him back that, yes, he/we are free for him to go to a shooting tournament on the 7th.

I ask you.... How ridiculous is it that we are emailing each other from inside our 2400 sqare foot house? Ha!

Go check out Jay who is recovering from his imaginary procedure of having is "little jays" snipped. He needs your moral support to work up the testicular fortitude to let his poor wife off the birth control hook.


  1. You're to kind (bow). I sometimes Skype my husband from about 4 feet away. Seriously. Of course, it's not really to communicate schedules or anything. Usually just, "You're completely stoopid," just to remind him who's the boss. His response is always "NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" Yeah, we crack each other up....

  2. Oh no. But we do it too. Not inside the house, but we do email each other. Cripes how romantic.

  3. LOL, my husband emailed me from the other room once. I've called him in the bathroom too, so i guess we're both dorks!

  4. I've tried to email my husband, but I always get the damn checked-out-of-the-family-for-now auto-reply!!!

  5. too funny! my hubby and I both sit here on our laptops and IM each other.. giggling like idiots when we the little *ping* sound.

  6. good stuff... i think i've done this before just sitting next to lars because he is so wrapped up in what he's doing ')


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