Saturday, January 29, 2005

Dried Pee in the Afternoon

Our charming Cooper got his first big scolding and time out this morning. Tears, howls and repentence followed.

Teddy spilled the beans that Cooper had gone pee-pee on the carpet in the basement. I naively assumed that my sweet little two year old had had an accident- he is still potty training- and I would find him with wet pants over a pool of urine. Well, it turns out that Cooper was a bit more boisterous than we gave him credit for.... I found a three-foot-square Jackson Pollack of pee quietly soaking into the carpet. He had just dropped trou and let it fly! He probably did it during a commercial break, the little vidiot. Too lazy to walk upstairs, too immature to know that you're gonna definitely get caught.... what's a boy to do? Teddy informed us that he had done it the day before, too, and showed us where. Proud parents! After Crayke scolded Teddy for not telling us sooner, our eldest turns to me (as soon as Daddy is out of the room) and says, "Mommy, don't you want to thank me a little bit for telling you Cooper went potty down here on the carpet?" He then suggested that Cooper should get his allowance taken away, and when I said that Cooper was not old enough to get allowance, he suggested a spanking instead. Such a good helper!

So, we cleaned and sprayed and scrubbed and then headed to Target to restock the cleaning supplies.

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  1. Boys will be boys. I hope you took a picture - it will make a great roast for his wedding rehearsal dinner!


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