Monday, July 21, 2014

BlogHer '14: The Killer Karaoke Party is Back!

Who's ready to express themselves at BlogHer '14 through some killer karaoke?

THIS lady.

And these ones.

And these ones, too, I'd wager.

Join me for Killer Karaoke, where BlogHer attendees can let their pipes and personalities shine on stage, for all to hear and dance to. As part of the Voices of the Year and Photos of the Year celebration, BlogHer is offering a slew of parties this year that will have something for everyone. It starts with the VOTY reception and then, between 8 and 11pm, you can choose to head to one of the Open House Suite Parties (so many great ones to choose from, but my personal favorite is Deb Rox' Queerosphere romp—you have to check out the photos from last year in that link), the Listen To Your Mother Open Mic Salon (didn't make it into the VOTY keynote? This is your opportunity to share your post with an audience) or to karaoke. The hardest part of the night will be deciding which parties to hit.

Look for the signs directing you to the karaoke location at the Voices of the Year Reception,  the party goes from 9 to 11 p.m. — drinks and food will be on hand.

Check out this video of some of last year's party people who grabbed the mic, worked it out, and spent the evening shaking their groove thangs on the dance floor.

Stop by BlogHer's post with the party plan for Friday night,  grab a badge, and proudly let everyone know that you are going to be rocking the karaoke stage at BlogHer '14 in San Jose.

I'm Going to Karaoke

Tweet me at @amyofwindsor (my new handle) if you have any questions or are dying for a duet!

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