Thursday, January 31, 2013

Entering Bizzaro World

I am heading to Houston this weekend for a blogging conference that promises to be extremely interesting on a couple different fronts.

One, it has a great line-up of speakers talking about a lot of topics I'm interested in, i.e. parent blogging issues, keeping your writing authentic while also respecting your family's privacy, how to turn your social media expertise into a full-time job. And I am, quite frankly, starry-eyed about getting to finally see Brene Brown, one of the keynote speakers, in person! 

Second, it is going to be outside my comfort zone a little because it is a complete gender-ratio reversal compared to my previous conference experiences. 


You see, the conference I'm attending is the Dad 2.0 Summit. A conference presumably only for DAD BLOGGERS. 

But if you think about it, BlogHer is presumably a conference only for women bloggers (the "HER" in the title says as much), but a handful of well-endowed (...with HUMOR! Get your minds out of the gutter) dads show up every year to participate in the conference sessions and to keep an eye on how their unique voices fit into the parent blogger community. I mean, I assume that's why they're there, anyway. 

After four BlogHer conferences and getting to be good friends with quite a few of these guys, when I saw that the Dad 2.0 Summit was scheduled to be in Houston this year (only a four-hour drive from home), I felt like I had to sign up. I am nervous in some regard, because it is going to be really strange to be a gender minority—but I survived five salmon-canning seasons in Alaska, where the male-female ratio is about the same, and, oh my good lord, I survived CES (a tech event so man-centric they convert the women's bathrooms into men's rooms!)—so I know I'll be just fine. 

Also, the promise of getting to go out to karaoke with the only other person I know in the world who loves it possibly even more than me makes it a no-brainer. And rest assured (dear husband), I won't be the only lady there, by any means at all! Faiqa, pictured below, and Kristen will be there singing along, too!!! (Along with a host of other women that I adore—check this schedule to see who else will be there.)

Muskrat and Kristen breaking it down with Poison's "Every Rose Has a Thorn." 
And, below, Faiqa and Muskrat singing something or other—and killing it.

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