Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Who Needs to Settle Down? I've Got BlogHer!

I really want to give Louisiana a chance to grow on me, but so far there just hasn't been enough time. No doubt, in time I'll be mildewed along with everything else left outside for too long around here, but for now I am off again...

After just getting back from my summer in Iowa last week, I am now off to NYC for the mother of all blogging conferences: BlogHer '12.

In addition to the usual array of fascinating and/or business-of-blogging related sessions, the keynote speakers this year are over-the-top. Sure, you might be impressed to hear that Martha Stewart, Soledoad O'Brien, and Katie Couric are all talking, but it was just announced today that President Obama will be making a special appearance live via satellite on Thursday afternoon.

Now, I would never underestimate the value of a mom blogger's opinion or her power to reach and affect her audience... but, HOLY SH*T, I HAVE TOTALLY UNDERESTIMATED THE POWER OF THE MOM BLOGGER.

Alright, fine, that was a bit hyperbolic—but I am seriously impressed that the President of the Unites States wants to talk to us.

And straight-up kudos and standing ovations all around to the ladies of BlogHer who pulled this off. So happy to be part of the huge, ever-changing and growing group of women and men that make up this organization.


  1. I know. I can not believe that THIS is the first year in four years that I missing this conference. Shame on me! Argh! I hope you have an absolutely fabulous time, and I WILL be back next year! This weekend, instead, I'll be competing in a big ass triathlon - so send me fast thoughts! :) Have fun girlfriend!!!

  2. Enjoy BlogHer 12!

    Seems like President Obama is about to announce the new Blog page Tax!

  3. Wish I could've seen you more..

    Next time, better planning. Already a year since I saw you wandering lost around an airport. Can hardly believe that.



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