Monday, May 21, 2012

Oh, NO, You Didn't, Child...

Anyone else go a little crazy when, after spending precious time during the most hectic part of the day trying to cook something decent for your family to eat, one of the little ingrates makes some ridiculous demand that threatens to make dinner a fight instead of "quality family time"? Or, in the case of my children, has the audacity to tell you that they "don't like it that much"?

This is for us:

Just sayin'. 


  1. MY BIGGEST HOT BUTTON. oh holy cow. My youngest had the audacity to tell me his meal tasted like 'blood and fur from a cat'.

  2. Or like when your mother who is visiting from Atlanta spends all afternoon making a delicious chicken tortilla soup, and all four children act like we're asking them to eat poison. It's a miracle they're still alive.

  3. My 6yo is the fussiest child alive. At least she's progressed to the polite British " it isn't very nice" from the former "that's gross" that I heard constantly when we were in Chicago. I could throttle her most mealtimes.

  4. Drives me NUTS. I plan meals, have them pick items out, give them suprises and we sit down and WELL mom what is this, I don't like that ahhhhhhh

  5. My oldest used to INTENTIONALLY vomit on the kitchen table anytime he didn't like what I made (which was every damn night). All the little shit WANTED to eat was KD and McD's. I once threatened to make him eat his own puke if he did it again. I've never wanted to kill anything, or anyone, as much as I used to want to kill him. He's 12 now, and eats everything. (Thank God my younger two don't do it). Love the picture.


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