Friday, April 13, 2012

It's Almost Like I Forgot I Had a Blog

I'm still learning how to navigate the Cajun waters of southern Louisiana, so my apologies for being absent so long.

You'll have to forgive me because, honestly, how do you expect me to be able to concentrate when I wake up to this every day...

And then am forced to sit through ridiculously gorgeous sunsets on my front porch...

And then promptly collapse into bed, exhausted from long days of driving the children hither and yon over country roads, unpacking, fretting over the sale of our house in Madison, and trying to cook dinners that aren't composed of more than 50% Kraft™product (and failing!).

Life will return to whatever new "normal" I am able to achieve, but until then, the blog will continue to languish. I am heading to Dayton, Ohio next week for the Erma Bombeck Humor Writers Workshop in hopes of getting some of my mojo back...


  1. Congrats on the move. It looks amazing! Please keep posting pics!

  2. The space is gorgeous!! I want to come visit!!!


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