Friday, November 11, 2011

Oh, I Give Up — This Christmas Ad Just Put Me In the Holiday Spirit

I know it is only November 11. I KNOW.

I have successfully avoided getting all hot and bothered over the pre-Thanksgiving Christmas hoopla for years... Years! But this year I am giving up and succumbing to the pressure. I am going to ignore the fact that it is pressure and excitement manufactured by giant retailers whose goal is to get me to spend more money. I am going to shrug off the fact that it still seems wrong to start planning for a holiday that is still a month and a half away.

I am going to just let go and enjoy the feeling that this Christmas ad just conjured up in me. I hope you will, too.  Warning: I didn't just well up a little at the end, I actually full-on spilled tears from both eyes and almost let a sob escape. That may have more to do with my PMS, though. And the fact that it has an absolutely lovely cover of Morrissey's "Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want."

FYI: John Lewis advertises on my site, but this post was not sponsored or encouraged by their company in any way. In fact, I became aware of the advert through the tweets of @Mammy_P and @caitlinmoran, who apparently wept for three minutes after watching it.

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  1. Bravo to whom ever shot that spot! Effective & pretty to look at! Bravo!! I'm ready to shop!!


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