Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Baby Loses His First Tooth... Wait, What??

I'd like to share a letter I just sent to my five year old son's teacher.

Hi Mr. Doe:


I was going through The Animal's things from school and happened upon a plastic baggie with his name on it... The bag contained a wee little tooth. After a near meltdown that I had somehow managed to not notice that my youngest son had lost his first tooth (presumably last Friday, since the stuff I was going through was from his weekend papers), I called him over to see where it had come from. He showed me his bottom teeth and said "It already grew back. Look!" 


I said, "Sweetie, whose tooth is this? Where did it come from?" 

To which he cried plaintively, "What?! I found it on the floor!!" Like that automatically made it his. 

So. I have this tooth... 

I'll put it in his backpack tomorrow for you to reclaim and hopefully give to its rightful owner. 



Does this happen to other people??

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  1. Bailey's second tooth went MIA at kindergarten. So perhaps there is another kiddo trying to convince their tooth fairy to pay up?


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