Friday, August 12, 2011

Blogher ‘11: Recap

God, I adore these people. And I adore blogging. And pretty much every aspect of blogging and interacting with the other people who do it.

So, my big goal for this year’s BlogHer was to take it easy. And that is exactly what I did.  I concentrated on spending time with people I’ve met at past BlogHer conventions and wanted to get to know better and I still had time to make some new friends along the way. And, in some cases, not just ‘making a friend,” but actually sitting down, sharing some tears and laughter, and making the kind of connection with other people that reminds you why humanity and emotions and life are all worth living.

I want to do the whole link-to-everyone-I-love thing, but this slideshow is just going to have to cut it for the moment.  If you are curious who all those beautiful people are: you can go to my facebook page (located there to the right) where I have the photos up with tags and some captions. If you’re not tagged and you’re in there? Friend my ass so I can tag yours!

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