Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Thirteen Years

That is how long my husband and I have been married.

Thirteen long, tumultuous years.

Thirteen years that have been made starry with memories of our shared and individual accomplishments, many joyous moments, much laughter, and our three lively boys.

Daddy-007 and I are the type of couple that readily acknowledge how incredibly hard it is to remain happily married.  We have had our ups and our downs... and our near-misses that were so close I can't bear contemplating them for any length of time. We acknowledge that we are two very different people who somehow came together and fell in love: with each other and the incredibly good time that seemed to come with us wherever we went.

Doesn't Daddy-007 look so much like Brad Pitt??

As everyone knows, the party has to end sometime, and ours definitely got put on hold when we had our first baby. We managed to not only make it through (with the help of many beloved babysitters, whom we regularly thank for "saving our marriage"), but have seen our relationship grow and deepen (insert shout-out to our couples' therapist!) and have finally gotten to the point where we are both happy and positive that we really are going to make it for the long haul.

Fact is, we make each other better and more interesting by being together and hopefully our combined love and effort will shape our children into people that will make this world a better place (though judging from their current state, I wouldn't bank on that). And, most importantly, I love him. :)

Happy anniversary, honey!

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