Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Little Glam and a LOT of Hair: It's Show Time

The last week has been madness as my husband wraps up his dissertation (thank the gods, it will be turned in on Thursday!) and rehearsals for a fashion show I agreed to be in (after someone dropped out two weeks before the show) kicked in. Those would be the three hour long rehearsals that happened on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The show was yesterday and seemed to be a success; hopefully it raised lots of money for the charity it was benefiting. All I know is that despite looking like I might belong on a compound with my five sister-wives somewhere in Utah... I had an great time.  

This is the second show I've done that was choreographed by the woman who teaches the step & yoga/pilates classes that I go to.  She is brilliant not only because she is a great teacher and former West End dancer (that's the same as Broadway but in London, for my American friends), but when she agrees to help out with a fashion show, you can be assured the models will not just be walking up and down the catwalk. She puts together a show in every sense of the word. (You can see some bits and pieces of the show she choreographed for our village school fundraiser last year here.)

Here are some shots from the show (grabbed from a video that I am having some problems getting to DVD at an acceptable quality level): if you have trouble identifying which one is me, just look for the woman with the highest hair. You can't miss it.

Caught mid-shimmy during our opening number set to Lady Gaga's Born This Way.
I loved these Armani jeans almost as much as I loved the Tom Ford sunglasses. Swoon.

I considered buying this D&G dress & jacket... until I found out they were £750. Ouch!

All the clothes were provided by Foxy Lady in Southampton. And, no, amateur models do not get free items of clothing. SIGH. 

In case you missed the Wedding of the Century or just really like reading about events that happened almost two weeks ago... I posted about it over at The Mouthy Housewives site: Why You Should Give a Royal Sh*t About the Royal Wedding.

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