Thursday, May 19, 2011

How Was I Supposed To Know They Were Casing the Joint?

I had a moving company over tonight to look at our things and work up a quote for getting everything packed in a container...

I signed up for a moving quote today on a site called and literally five minutes later I got a call from a company saying they had seen my request for a quote and would like some more info to put one together for us. I talked to them for about 10 minutes and they gave me a pretty great price on a preliminary quote, but said that they'd need to come to our house to take some measurements and take photos of the large furniture so that they could plan how to pack it all into our 20-foot container that is arriving on June 28th to be packed up and sent to the US. "Sure thing!" I said, "Come over tonight!"

I had a fleeting thought at one point while they were here, "Gee, I hope these guys are legit, otherwise wouldn't it be so dumb to let them in and show them around my house letting them take pictures of all our things?"

Later, my husband told me that he had walked down the lane and the road aways looking for a car that the men might've driven to our house in.  NO CAR.

I asked them for a business card before they left b/c I didn't have their number and they both said they didn't have one on them.

Daddy-007 had gone out with a friend but came back a little after the guys left, saying that he had forgotten his key.  Turns out he just had his friend drive back to the house to check and make sure we hadn't been murdered by the two mover guys.

I pooh-poohed my husband for being paranoid, but...

Now that I'm reading all the facts here, I'm thinking that I am a total idiot.

And, I swear to God, a car just pulled up in a nearby driveway and I thought I heard a knock near the garage doors.  I am going to freak out any second.

P.S. If you find out that we've been murdered and the house ransacked, it was by these guys that go by LSR Removals.  If we make it, then it is just a case of over-active imaginations. They really did seem like nice guys to me!

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