Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Pioneer Woman Meets Veddy English Countryside

The world continues to shrink and I love it more every day.

I went over to my friend Syl's house for lunch yesterday (she is the woman from South Africa that is married to an English farmer/big game safari hunter who let me have that the photo shoot with her chickens) and guess what she had made for lunch.  A recipe for Chicken Tortilla Soup that she found on The Pioneer Woman's website.  It was fabulous, of course. :) And even more fabulous?  We cooked up a Cinco de Mayo dinner party idea that is going to bring a heretofore unseen level of Mexicana to this part of England. ¡Arriba!

I made some spanikopita to go along with it, too. (Alright, you caught me... I didn't make the spanikopita yesterday, I made it about a month ago and froze it.) It went perfectly with the soup to make it just filling enough, but still not too heavy.

Even though it is still chilly here, the sun was shining so beautifully that we decided to take advantage of it and lunch outside. 

Seriously, worlds colliding: Pioneer Woman ranch meets British manor farm.  

Did I mention that I LOVE it? 

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