Thursday, February 03, 2011

Random Internet Awesomeness. You're Welcome.

I've come across a few things in the last week that I loved so much that I had to share them here.  Hope you like them or are as entertained by them as I was.  Enjoy!

Amazing Live Lounge on BBC Radio 1 featuring Adele. Adele's new album is already out here in the UK and will be out in the USA at the end of February. (Wish I had known that before I hit the pre-order button on iTunes! Now I have to wait for it, too.) I am currently obsessed with Rolling in the Deep (the first song she performs on the BBC site, btw) and listening to it non-stop. Even my boys are singing along with it when we drive to and from school!  One of the great things about the Live Lounge on BBC Radio 1 is that they ask the performers who come on to sing a one-time cover of a song that they have to choose from a list provided, that way it is a surprise treat for the DJs, as well as the listeners: Adele did a stellar cover of the Cheryl Cole song "Promise This" that is better than the original. Swoon!  This will only be available for a limited time, so listen and watch while you can! 

Update: If you can't watch the video because you are in the USA, you can listen to the Cheryl Cole cover by hitting that link above and you can see Adele performing Rolling in the Deep here on YouTube. It's not the BBC version, but she's amazing wherever. :)

Our summer home is in Iowa and I adore Ed Helms, so I am a double-sucker for this upcoming movie:

I know what you're thinking... and you can keep your snide remarks about a "summer home in Iowa" to yourself. Iowa is awesome.

I found this gem on Tumblr: 

I'm not much for naps, though, so if you replace the word bed with go on Twitter and follow links for hours, it pretty much sums up my life.

If you are a Girl Scout cookie lover, like myself, and live overseas, Jill at The Perlman Update is willing to mail cookies anywhere in the world for just $10. As a woman who has lived the expat life for years, but is now back in California, she knows how hard it is to hear about all the friends back home gobbling down their Thin Mints and Coconut DeLites. So, thank you, Jill, for making life abroad a little more complete by offering us the chance to get Girl Scout cookies!!  

And I found this site by an artist called Slinkachu who is doing this street art photography series called The Little People Project. Maybe I'm all hopped up about street art after seeing Banksy's work in Exit Through the Gift Shop, but I think this guy is doing some really cool, fun stuff.  Check it out. 

After you look at that site, check the link out to Banksy's artwork. It is really fantastic stuff. 

AND, if you haven't yet seen Exit Through the Gift Shop (and 99% of you haven't, although ...I have faith that the readers of this blog are a special sort, so I'll make that 85%): RENT IT NOW. It was interesting, enthralling, funny, provocative, and really makes you think about the art world and the art scene and how true artists differ from hacks. Really super stuff.

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