Monday, December 06, 2010

An Oxfam Holiday Giveaway For the Person Who Has Everything

Oxfam has introduced a stellar new collection of holiday fabulousness that will make even the toughest person to please on your list smile.  Heck, even Minnie Driver and Scarlett Johannson are clamoring for this guy's work. You've got to check out this video to really appreciate the genius of the man who brought the Oxfam Collection to life:

I was so inspired by The Hidalgo, the man who put together this collection of gifts that would make even the hardiest, most self-sufficient person on Earth smile with appreciation, while still satisfying the most jaded and spoiled fashionista, that I thought I would model one of his creations, too.

Here's The Hidalgo modeling the same item. Such a lovely little silky thing, isn't she? I just had to have one of my own!

I thought I'd get real, though, and bring the shoot straight to the farm.  No fancy lights and backdrops at the studio. Just a real, honest-to-goodness farm that included not only these lovely chickens, but pigs and freezing cold snow

It took but a second to warm up to SnowDrop, though, my lovely accomplice for the photo shoot. 

At Gambledown Farm

Where SnowDrop was the model of modeling congeniality, her cohort, SnowFlake, was a total diva and mugged for the camera relentlessly! Some chicks are so self-involved...

Snowflake posing like a pro

I finally had to ask her to take a break so I could at least look like I was more than a prop.  (Alright, fine. Maybe I was supposed to be the prop here, but, hey, I didn't hang out in the snow for an hour just to be a blur in the background.)  So we brought in SnowFlake's friend, Henny Penny, who was a willing camera companion, posing like a pro while still sharing the spotlight.

See there? Fashion on the farm is a hit!

Henny Penny!

Now, what about the giveaway?  I have to admit that I was planning on giving away a flock of chickens, but I grew so close to my fellow models at the shoot that I am fearful that they could end up not just valuable egg-producers, but in someone's stewpot (!!!), so I am altering course a bit.

Oxfam has a broad range of charitable items to choose from that will be sent, in the name of any person you designate, to the people who need it the most and where the item will make the biggest impact on the lives and in the communities of impoverished people throughout the world.  And with that in mind, I chose something else that is near and dear to my heart.

I am offering chance to win the gift of coffee. That beautiful, aromatic elixir of the gods that fuels not just the fashion and modeling industry, but pretty much every industry known to mankind, not the least of which is motherhood. (Lord knows I would've caved years ago if coffee hadn't been there to prop me up through my busy mom-schedule!)

Forget those lame Starbucks cards that are used up in a visit or two to the nearest drive-through: this is an investment in a fair-trade coffee cooperative.  It is a $50 gift that will see a cooperative through good times and bad, so the farmers who grow and harvest the coffee beans can continue to produce great coffee and earn a decent living no matter what the global market is doing.  

All you have to do for a chance to win is leave a comment describing the strangest thing (or person) you've ever posed for a picture with. 

I give you Exhibit A:

Snowdrop fluffs herself for the camera

I will pick a winner (randomly) on Friday. Remember that you can give the gift in your own name or send it in the name of that coffee-lovin' person on your list who you know cares where their cuppa joe comes from. (If you are curious how the whole Oxfam gift-giving process works, it is all explained on their site where you will find lots of other great gifts that are available.)

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