Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Shiny Boys (only available on video!)

Last Sunday we spent a gorgeous sunny afternoon at the park, I brought my video camera and the DSLR and split my time accordingly. Capturing the beauty and serenity of the nearby church with my camera and the kinetic madness of my children on video.

Here are the results of our day out.

NOTE:  This is my first video done entirely with Final Cut Express, an editing program I have owned for almost two years and am embarrassed to say have not used very much.  I'm not sure what the hiccup was at first that stalled me out, but whatever it was I wish I had gotten over it sooner! The program was a breeze to use and I only had to do a couple google searches to figure out what I needed help with.  I spent about two hours making this, and probably 1/2 an hour of that was just re-watching it with different songs, trying to decided which one was the best.

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