Thursday, August 05, 2010

From England to Scotland to Iowa to BlogHer

Hard to believe I was watching this beautiful sunset over the Island of Mull just a week ago. There I was going on the sixth day of wearing the same jeans, sporting four layers of clothing (one of which was an Aran wool sweater) and enjoying (and chafing against at times) the constant companionship of the Furious Five plus Sue & Stu, our skippers, on a sailboat in Scotland anchored not 300 yards away from one of the coolest castles I've ever seen.

Now, I am NYC-bound, swathed in light layers to keep from sweating my *ss off, adorned with my best jewelry, going over my PowerPoint presentation and wheeling a suitcase that contains my most glam outfits and stilettos. Alone!

The two scenarios couldn't be more different, no?

And yet, they perfectly represent the two sides of my personality. I could spend all day indulging and delighting in every technological innovation that I can employ, socializing non-stop online and then walking through the door of a party and continuing seamlessly IRL.

At the same time, my heart soars when I am hiking through the wilderness and feasting my eyes on the beauty of this Earth around us.

I'm a country mouse who embraces and cherishes my childhood memories of life on the farm, where I explored the springs and fields, picked ticks off the multitude of cats, and thrilled every time I managed to catch a crawdad.

I'm a city mouse that loves the constant hum of people coming and going, the shopping, the cocktails and danceclubs.

I love putting on my boots and following unknown paths through the woods.

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