Monday, July 05, 2010

Why Can't Every Day Be Like This?

Last week sucked royally.  I am still trying to get all my feelings out about the fact that our kids' dearest babysitter and my surrogate daughter got DEPORTED last week because of immigration douchebaggery.  It is almost too painful to recount the story, but I am struggling through it.

My husband and I managed to still get away to Holland for a wedding over a weekend that was brilliant.  But now that we are back home, I am faced with the fact that GiGi is really gone and not going to be here for the month of July, as expected.  I ran across this picture that was taken at a dear friend's leaving party the week before last and was struck by how I wish there was a moment in every day where you could feel that happy, that in control, and that fabulous.  I usually have plenty of good moments, but not quite so joyous as this particular moment captured so well by another friend of mine (a friend who has a Nikon D700 that I am incredibly covetous of).

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