Friday, July 30, 2010

Sailing the Hebrides Islands of Scotland

With three kids.
Kind of like a vacation, but also kind of like an exercise in frustration and quelling homicidal tendencies.
We are still at sea, but I wanted to let everyone know that despite any urges that may have tried to overcome me, my husband, AND the owners of the boat... The children are alive and well.
FYI: I shot a ton of great pics (and by a 'ton' I mean, like, maybe 15. Out of 700+ taken. I can't wait to post the photos, it really is gorgeous here. Also, no matter how positive I am that I will NOT need more than two full batteries...Please do not let me leave for vacation without my battery charger ever again! Argh!! This photo below was taken immediately following the discovery that my last battery had died. :( Thank goodness for my iPhone!

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