Sunday, July 25, 2010

Project Mom: This Ain't No Real Housewives of the Internet, Yo.

One more thing before I disappear for a week into the Scottish isles of the Hebrides...

The producers of "Project Mom Casting" are hoping to create a reality TV show about blogging moms and will be interviewing women at BlogHer on August 6 and 7.  I would be a lying to myself and you if I tried to deny how intrigued I am by this project. I mean, a show about being a mom who blogs sounds WAY better than "Survivor," which was my previous reality TV secret dream.  (C'mon... you know I would RULE the social game... even if I tanked anything that involved swimming.) This post is for the producers of Project Mom.

My name is Amy, aka The Bitchin' Wife, and if I wasn't writing about my life here, I'd be telling it to one interesting, smart person at a time over coffee, in line at the post office, over cocktails and at neighborhood socials.

I am a woman who thought that being a happy mom and wife was all I wanted in life. And when I was fortunate enough to have all my wishes come true, I realized that this naive dream was a lot more difficult to maintain than to create.  I found that, despite loving my family with all my heart, it just isn't possible for me to feel successful and proud of myself if success is based on whether or not my kids get an A on a report card or behave nicely in front of relatives, and not just because my beloved little hell-spawn were never going to be those show-pony kids; it is because I need to have my own success, my own accomplishments, and satisfaction of the free-floating ambition that makes up a goodly part of my personality.

I started this blog because I needed a place where I could let my creativity loose.  I had no idea when I started writing here that I would end up with "followers" or best friends or a twitter handle, I just knew that I needed a space that I could claim as my own. I felt like I needed a valid reason to shut the office door and say, "Kids, you need to go to daddy for the next hour. Mommy is working." and the Bitchin' Wives Club blog was the perfect vehicle.

Since starting the blog, I have started grad school to obtain my master's in information science (Librarians FTW!), weathered the diagnosis of my middle son's ADHD, been diagnosed with adult ADD myself, been through marriage counseling, quit grad school, been scared out of my mind with the possibilities that the future holds, been emboldened by my online success, embraced a life overseas in England, and have begun to wonder if maybe that singing career that I thought was an impossibility is actually, well... a possibility.

It seems like everything is a possibility right now and I love that I can share my story with everyone who reads this blog, but the prospect of writing a book someday or being on a show and spreading the word even further would be amazing. 

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