Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Blogs of Note and BlogHer: Universal Alignment Almost Complete

The past week has been incredible. An almost unbelievable confluence of amazing things are happening for me right now and I am in awe at each and every one of them.  In awe, but quickly getting accustomed to the awesome and, quite frankly, wondering when the next bit of good news will come. (Knock on wood, quick!)

On Thursday of last week, I was notified by the women of BlogHer that I had been selected as a speaker for the Voices of the Year Gala.  Which means that I will be presenting one of my posts to all the attendees at the keynote speech, along with 14 other people, on the Friday night of the BlogHer conference in NYC in just a few short weeks. Wow.  I remember watching (and weeping! and laughing! and laughing until I cried!) the Community Keynote at last year's BlogHer and being so completely blown away by the talent on display.  I remember vividly the realization that, Of course, my posts that I'd submitted hadn't been selected, they just weren't good enough when compared with the writers that were up there. But I still imagined and hoped that maybe at next year's BlogHer I would get my chance.  And, well, here I am. Getting my chance!  I am still in a state of shock that I will be up at the podium, in front of so many of my beloved blogging peers and idols and friends.  I am going to be in need of serious medication for the nerves  that will be attacking me, but am thrilled at the opportunity, too.  Mostly, I am humbled by the company I will keep and hope, nay pray, that it will all go smoothly (and that I don't have to go after Marinka, because she will kill it and I do NOT want to have to follow someone else who will get more laughs than me).  I can't guarantee that mine will be perfect, but I can assure you that there will be only ONE performance like mine, so I do have that little surprise going for me.   

Of course, I'd like to thank BlogHer and the relatively small committee of people who waded through all the entries (almost a 1000!) for this honor. And a special thank you for my blogging-BFF, Ann of Anns Rants, who nominated my post, I would've thrown in the towel on this blog ages ago if I didn't have her to compete with endlessly. Oops! Did I say compete? I meant collaborate!  I'd also like to point out that there were 90 selections made for the Voices of the Year Gala and I am so happy and proud of all my friends who are on the list, Ann being amongst them along with several writers from the MamaPop site that is my home away from home on the interwebz. I apologize if I missed anyone, the real names vs. twitter handles really threw me when looking through the list!

Bill Colgrove for the MamaPop site design
Megan Hook: The 140 @undomesticdiva 

Maria Melee for the Unfinished Dad masthead
Nap Warden for the Full of Snark masthead
Jill Smokler from Scary Mommy - also speaking!
Ann Imig: What To Expect: Your First BlogiversaryJessica Bern: Biggest Loser, Any Chance You Think This Could Happen?Marinka from Motherhood in NYC
Metalia from Metalia
Neil Kramer: Dear Vivian
Queen of Everything: How I Tried To Sell My Panties Online
Amy Storch: The Friendship JungleKelli Best Oliver: Her Story
Momo Fali: Into the Light
Stacey from Any Mommy Out There: Matching
Tracey Gaughran-Perez: Wonderwall
Jason Mayo from Outnumbered Online

But, wait! That's not all!!
On Friday (not 24 hours later), this blog was selected by the Blogger home team's Blogs of Note page!  This selection has resulting in almost 30,000 page loads in the last four days.  Whoa.  These are not numbers the Bitchin' Wives Club is accustomed to, but they are certainly ones it likes and could get used to quickly. ;-)  Thank you, Blogs of Note!! 

So, as all these pieces of my blogging life start getting noticed, I can't help but wonder when ICM or William Morris Endeavor will be contacting me...  I am currently looking for representation and I hear they all have great agents! ;-)

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