Sunday, June 27, 2010

June 20-26, 2010

This month has been so busy... all wonderful things (minus the move!) but overwhelming in the sheer quantity of happenings.  I present a photographic sampling of June's moments of import. 

Also, I know if you are participating in Weekly Winners, you probably already know plenty about using photography on your website and a bit of the technical side that allows one to post their photos... but if you are interested in learning some foundational information about editing (in Photoshop, PS Elements, and online), different & preferred methods of uploading your photos to the interwebz, and some really great photo/content talk with me, Pauline (OHmommy from Classy Chaos) and Ryan (Pacing the Panic Room), please join us at BlogHer in the Geek Lab Room Of Your Own on Aug. 7th at 10:45 am.  I'd love to meet you!!

CC climbing trees. This was taken at Mottisfont Abbey, our favorite National Trust house and garden, but the boys are pleased as can be that the new house has a great climbing tree in the yard.

It will piss my husband off if he finds out, but I have dubbed his double non-cake birthday offerings as a FAILtimesTWO.  A chocolate tart and a sour cherry crumble, no matter how tasty, do NOT equal a birthday cake.

This guy was strumming away at acoustic bass (how alt is that?!) amidst the gravestones of Winchester cathedral.

Heading out to our village fete the boys are looking more ready for a drive-by than good old-fashioned village carnival fun. 

I volunteered to face-paint at the preschool's tent.  Face-painting in the UK is a different animal than in the USA... they paint the entire face, not just a little something on the cheek or forehead.  I worked for an hour and did THREE faces.  For a pound a piece.  FAIL.  (When I started my shift nobody was there, so I started painting myself as a vampire. I hope this explains the red, red lips and the barely-there fangs.)

Sparkles were a special request by my little guy. This was his face-painting special request a couple weeks ago at our first fete. He was so pleased!

Thanks, Lotus, as always, for hosting Weekly Winners!! It is always a treat to see everyone's photos. :) 

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