Monday, May 03, 2010

Sitting With the Cool Kids: New Gig at MamaPop

I'm afraid this might be a nail in the coffin of my ailing blog, but I am still pleased to announce that I started writing gossip pieces at MamaPop.Com last week. For those of you not already under the MamaPop gang's spell, they are a group of writers that are all whip-smart, snarkier-than-thou (yes, even I feel a bit cowed by the snark-factor there), and really, really funny.  I've been digging on the site since I found it sometime last year and secretly plotting how I might join their ranks since the Sparklecorn Party at BlogHer '09 (which is one of the best parties I've been to, um, EVER) and could not be more proud to be writing for them. 

And, of course, there is the matter of now having complete and total validation for reading all the celebrity gossip crap that I adore: I am now getting paid to feed the obsession.

*some kind of victory/happy dance might be happening right now*


In other news.... I was planning on going to X-Factor auditions in London yesterday, but wussed out and decided not to at the last minute.  After deciding last-minute on Wednesday that I WAS going to go.  I read an article about the X-Factor first audition process on Saturday that completely turned me off.  I guess I am too proud, too old, and fancy myself too dignity-laden to go through 11 hours of waiting to be told "Sorry, not this time."

However, I am now planning on jumping on the Britain's Got Talent train, so never fear! My dreams of taking the easy road to fame and fortune are not dead. ;)

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