Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Living the Dream (?)

Life continues hurtling along at a speed that is difficult to comprehend and impossible to keep up with.

"It's almost June?!" I gasp, incredulous that we are still here.

Still here, but moving again....

We finally found a new house to move into. All the paperwork has been filled in, at any rate, so we sit back and wait to hear what new way the letting companies will come up with to leave us feeling aggrieved and sore from the myriad fees that seem to come along with every document.  Bend over, this will only hurt for the next few months! they seem to say.  Bah.

Life is beautiful, though, so I shouldn't complain too much.  Nonetheless, it seems wrong to crow on about all the amazing parts without sharing the underside that is invariably prickly with some kind of irritant.

The new house is lovely, but my heart feels like someone is squeezing it every time I walk out my front door now.  Our garden is so stunning at the moment (that is a photo of the view out our front door) and a walk to the village shop almost brought me to sentimental tears over the weekend, as I contemplated the fact that I have a limited amount of these walks left.

I won't share a photo of the new place yet because you'll hate me when you see how gorgeous it is.  Especially the kitchen.

I have to cut things short ~again~ because I have real life to tend to. But thought I'd share a photo of the bluebells that grace the forest floors this time of year.  I remain entranced by the beauty of the dense woodlands here and am plotting where we can move when we get back that will plant me firmly in the midst of one, while being close to water and an busy marine business that will support my husband's new career. It is still a way off, but, as I've already noted, a year or two really isn't that far away at all.

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