Monday, April 12, 2010

Venice Teaser

Vacation was filled with a lot of this: 

Just enough of this:

A ton of this:

And the world's most expensive babysitter:

I will explain later.... Life is demanding my attention right now, as I am still working on a VLOG, just finished editing a video for the kids' school, am readying for another modeling gig on Thursday and Friday (I know! It sounds more glam than it is, trust me...), and trying to figure out how to salvage my external hard drive that CC accidentally knocked on the floor while in Venice. The HD that has the sole copies of ALL my photos since moving to the UK. Yes, I'm an idiot for not having another back-up. YES, I am remedying that today.  Please say a prayer or send good thoughts for my digital information as I am bringing the HD in to get repaired/info extracted this week. 

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