Sunday, April 04, 2010

Photos Direct from London Town

httWe are leaving for Venice on Tuesday and tomorrow is going to be hellacious as we get packed and geared up to go... as we will also be saying farewell to 007-dad's brother and our sister-in-law, who have been here for the last week.  Besides showing them around our beautiful part of the country, we had a great time with them in London on Friday and Saturday. We walked everywhere our legs could take us in the Trafalgar Square area of the city and exhausted the kids and ourselves into early bedtimes (I was asleep by 10:30 on Friday night, which has to be a record for me! ;). 

I'll have time to write on the plane, so until then you'll just have get by with some photos from the last few days. 

The London Eye:
Jubilee Garden with the Thames, Parliament and Big Ben in the background:

Destructo, stretching his legs on the Jubilee bridge across the Thames.

The London Eye from a river boat tour. (Hipstamatic app on the iPhone)
 The London Eye

My baby boy, making his momma's heart melt on the carousel....
Jubilee Garden Carousel

CC and Destructo, happy to be together in the posh lobby of the Grand Hotel at Trafalgar Square.

Hello from the Lions of Trafalgar Square!
Trafalgar Square

I got better photos at the aquarium with my iPhone than with my regular camera. Harumph.
London Aquarium

Bonus shot: 
Ghosts of Salisbury Cathedral?  

Thank you to everyone who voted and commented on BlogHer's site for our Room Of Your Own submission to put on a session about Editing Your Photos For Your Blog.  Thanks to YOU, our idea was selected and Pauline from Classy Chaos, Ryan from Pacing The Panic Room (currently not on the official agenda at BlogHer because of official red-tape whatnot), and I will be sharing some of our knowledge on how to process your photos to make them better for your blog.  Thank you and see you in NYC in August!!!

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