Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekly Winners, March 20- March 27

We braved some pretty wretched weather yesterday to go to Corfe Castle and a natural stone arch in Dorset called Durdle Door. It was so windy that I ended up having to sit in the car with Destructo and Animal because they both had breakdowns about 200 yards into the slicing wind.

It looked amazing from the approach, though, all shrouded in fog and tons of Cedars of Lebanon trees. (I am still crushing on my Hipstamatic iPhone camera, as you can see.)

Ravens were our only companions in the carpark.

Daddy-007 and Theo captured on their trudge back to the car.


Corfe Castle, built around 1085 and destroyed by Parliamentarians in 1646. By digging under the castle walls, pouring gunpowder, then BOOM.

The Animal posing amidst destruction.

Wrecking my knees, but loving every second of it.

He's happy on the trampoline....

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