Tuesday, March 09, 2010

RTT: Random


Ah, back to my place in line.... It was a blast covering for Keely last Tuesday, but now I'm back to waxing random in relative obscurity. Thanks for trusting me with your baby, Keely!


I played bunko for the first time ever last Friday! Oddly, I thought it was a card game..... Nope, it's a dice game. That involves rolling a set of three dice A LOT, accompanied by a lot of partner swapping and table swapping.

And don't forget the drinking! Fortunately, the game is easy enough to not get befuddled by overzealous alcohol consumption (that's what I call binge drinking and I'm sticking to it) so you can play just as long as the hostess can tolerate a group of women shrieking, laughing and screaming BUNKO!!! every time someone rolls a three-of-a-kind.

I host next month. I'll play a bunch of Yahtzee with the kids to prep.....


Has Shaun the Sheep reached American shores yet? If you a re a die-hard fan of Wallace & Gromit and like the idea of exposing your children to only charming and clever programming, I urge you to go to iTunes and download the two seasons available. Only $6.99 per! Here's a little taste of the awesomeness:


And in the opposite of children's-programming-news, a friend introduced me to this little piece of NSFW bit of hilarity. If you abhor cursing or don't have a sense of humor, don't bother watching. If you've never heard of the Insane Clown Posse, it might make it funnier if you look at this first, but probably not.

I am ready to trade in Grey's Anatomy for "Shit's Fucked Up Hospital," how 'bout you?


Did you ever wonder what I look like asleep?

Meh. I didn't think so.


Oh my gah.... just read some ridiculousness by some blogger that I won't even link to out of sheer spite and not wanting to up her traffic. Instead, I will link to a site that I love to read and really love following all the writers on twitter because they are masters of cleverness and snark:

MamaPop: I love you, man.


That's all I got, people. Go forth and be random!

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