Tuesday, February 23, 2010

RTT: Zombies! Pam Anderson! Speidi!!

Welcome to my Pop Culture edition of Random Tuesday thoughts. After a week-long break with the kids at home, a heavy weekend of titanic meltdowns followed by a stomach bug that saw mommy waiting hand and foot on her poor, sick incredibly puke-y oldest son.... I can't get that deep. So skim the surface with me for awhile and check out some random pop culture bits from the week. Speaking of shallow, go check out the Queen of Random, Miss Keely from UnMom.com. ;)


I am so happy that YouTube finally has this bit of video awesomeness that I can share with you. I think I have posted before on how utterly amazing the opening credit sequence of Zombieland is and maybe even how much I loved the movie. (Shaun of the Dead, being my only other "favorite" zombie movie, fyi.) The movie is funny and clever in a lot ways, but I adored their use of 3-D titling, not only in the credits but throughout the whole movie. And I always love extreme slow-motion shots, so watching this was kind of like getting to eat birthday cake at the movie theater (ZOMG! Dream come true!).

If you don't like spewing zombie blood, be-tasseled nipples, or artfully tumbling 3-dimensional lettering.... Sorry, those two minutes are gone forever!


Speaking of be-tasseled nipples....

Did you happen to see the photos of Pam Anderson cat-walking at NY Fashion Week?

Oy! The "designer" is a man named Richie Rich, apparently he designs stripper couture. Effuilleuse Couture sounds practically elegant, no? I saw a batch of photos on some site and grimaced (almost as much as Pam!) at how this woman, who is actually pretty under all that makeup, has managed to turn herself into a trannie stage persona. God love the transsexual showmen of the world (I know I do), but Pammy, please, you're a rockin' hot 42 year-old mom! You don't need to do this anymore!

Sadly, while perusing all the photos online at the Huffington Post, I also came across this one:

Uh, yikes.

For another tragic photo of the Pam-bot, please see MamaPop!


Another pop culture guilty pleasure that I spend too much time thinking about (and, really, even five minutes is too long for some of this stuff) are the Blind Items at Gawker.com. Read the clue and then try and figure out who's been naughty and who's been downright perverted. Well, you probably won't figure out who they are, but for some reason I feel oddly reassured that Hollywood is really just as strange and kinky and bizarre -in-ways-that-would-never-even-occur-to-me. Probably just sour grapes, but who has time to dwell on that! (eyeroll)


My final random thought is about Speidi. Spencer Pratt & Heidi Montag, those purveyors of puke-tastic antics that are so thoroughly covered by the American tabloids.

Yeah, I'm looking at you, too, Spence. --------------->


They aren't even known over here in the UK and I never watched the Hollywood Hills or whatever that reality show was that they were on, so I only know them in the cursory way that tabloid headlines and magazine cover photos portray them: vapid, fame-hungry, self-involved, self-serving, and grossly over-privileged.

Anyway, you may not know this about me, but I'm kind of a big deal on twitter *cough*cough* and Speidi have taken note. By becoming my followers!

I shit you not.

I'm not sure what I can do for them, but I haven't a doubt that their marketing machine will want to use me for something soon. No doubt they will unfollow me as soon as they have accomplished their nefarious plan to control the world's media outlets. Assholes.

Maybe I'll buy their book. Doesn't this photo make you want to buy it, too?

(Barf) I'd like to blame the stomach bug for the nausea I feel, but I am pretty sure that Spencer & Heidi are 100% responsible for it.


Seriously, though, I twitter a lot more than blog these days, so follow me there and send me an @theBitchinWife to say hello. :)




  1. We finally got to see Zombieland a couple weeks ago when we rented it. I honestly clapped with glee during the opening credits. They are awesome! Also, I now can no longer get through a day without quoting the steps for zombie survival at some point (step 2 - double pump). Now, it's not Shawn of the Dead, but it's right up there!

    There's a chance Heidi Montag might already be a zombie, but with all that plastic surgery, the world will never know. I say we all just proceed with caution around her.

  2. I can't look at Pmela Anderson without thinking that's see's just a bionic love doll now.


  3. Dude. Just thinking about having a kid barfing all over the place makes me rethink my ideas about ever being a mom. I can barely clean up cat puke.

  4. Pam is looking old and Heidi is starting to look like Pam.

  5. I don't like zombie movies, but that opening sequence was pretty awesome :-)

    Funny, I also never watched The Hills, but I have heard of them, and a bunch other cast members. I despise reality TV.

  6. That Pam Anderson pic is kinda nasty. I'm almost feeling sorry for her.

    Have a great RTT!

  7. Pam looks a lot like Tammy Faye Baker in that second pic...yikes!

  8. Having seen that Pam shot close-up I'm now fearing nightmares tonight. I think I may have to watch 3 hours of Teletubbies now just as a precautionary mind-clearing measure.

  9. Speidi is following you? YOU are sooo famous! Can I have your virtual autograph? Okay, ummm, they are both RIDICULOUS! I love how she says the inside matters but is all into plastic surgery now. WHAT? AND, Spencer is sooooo gay! Ask them when was the last time they had sex? Will you? Will you??? Be all nice and girl friend-ey about it though. You know, like you two were at Napa enjoying a girls weekend and the sex topic just CAME up. Then email me RIGHT AFTER!

  10. I feel so out of touch. I always knew that Pam was getting older, but it appears that she is letting age catch up with her too fast.

    I guess the only famous people who follow me are those crazy Brit Bloggers. You'll have to hook me up.

    Thanks for your randomness,

  11. I thought the same thing as Kathy: Tammy Faye all the way!

    I don't know that much about Speidi either but I've heard parts of interviews and the dumb-ass ignorant things they say. But if they twitterfollow me, I'll know I've finally become someone.

  12. Ugh. I haven't seen that movie for obvious reasons. Those zombies look like they're moving AWFULLY fast (love the stripper zombie though).

    And I'm still not really clear on Speidi or what they do. Also, can someone explain the Kardashians to me?

  13. Holy slow-mo boobies, Batman! And I'm sorry, but you cannot return Pam Anderson to Canada, she's all yours now.

  14. Quite a contrast in videos in these consecutive posts.

    LOVE "Douche-baggery scoffed at then deleted"


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