Monday, February 01, 2010

It's Show Time!

This week is going to be absolute madness. Good and bad, ups and downs, highs and lows.... I am wagering I will hit them all.

I spent five hours at rehearsal today. It was the technical run-through and final dress rehearsal before our three-show run next weekend. After four months of rehearsals, it is finally time for our big show! It seems impossible that the whole thing will be over by next Sunday, like we should have at least two weekends of shows, at least. The evening performances sold out almost immediately, so it seems fair to assume we could milk at least one more show out of all our hard work. In more exciting news, the dress rehearsal went really well and I think we are going to knock them dead. My part is small, but I really do have the best song and dance number in the play, so I am nervous and excited and anxious and thrilled all at the same time. Wish me luck!

In not so great news, I woke up this morning with a killer sore throat. I checked it out in the mirror and was horrified to find my throat so swollen that my uvula was not actually hanging down in the back of my mouth, but was sort of sticking out of the red mass of tissue back there. Um, hello, Throat, but do you not understand that I have a solo in the musical I am performing in this week?! How rude!

In a really random set of coincidences, the only other play I've been in was also a local dinner theater production, and I remember that shortly before the premiere of that play, when I was 17, I got strep throat. My mom brought me to our family doctor and begged him for a miracle. The 'miracle' came in the form of an extremely painful shot that had to be injected into my hip. By God, though, that shot worked and I was feeling completely fine within 24 hours. Sadly, they don't administer miracles of that nature over here in the UK. The doctors here seem intent on making people really suck it up here and do not offer antibiotics unless you truly are so ill you can't function. I worry about the fall-out of the antibiotic abuses of US doctors, but I have to admit that I am really, really, really glad that I had my ear infection-prone children there and that my doctor was always willing to prescribe medicine to make them go away quickly. But I digress....

In addition to rehearsals, I need to finish designing and editing the 6-page program for our play. I've got 3/4 of it done, but of course have left the most difficult portion for last. *smile* *blink, blink* I really enjoy doing graphic design stuff, but don't do it often enough to know all the quick ways to do things in Illustrator.... which means that I only know the laborious ways that usually end up being slightly wrong and need lots of time-consuming tweaking to get right. Yay for me! I think being over-ambitious is a frequent problem here.... Seriously, though, I am really happy with how well the program is turning out and am pleased to report that we will be selling the programs at our three performance with all the proceeds going to help a children's aid organization in Haiti. So, yeah, in case you were wondering, England (and the Bitchin' Wife) are doing what they can for the people of Haiti, too. Despite the fact that we don't seem to be as inundated with news coverage on the plight of that poor beleaguered country as you do in the US.

I'd tell you about the other two things going on, but with this kind of opportunity to use blogging as a procrastination tool, I think I'll make you wait for it. Check in a bit later for more news on what's happening this week. Believe me, you'll want to know.


  1. When I was a kid I was in all sorts of shows. Once I played the nice witch in The Wizard of Oz in a sparkly crinoline. It was murder backstage, but imagine how much more murder it was when I developed gastric flu! Modern toilets are not made for crinolines! Good luck with your show. You'll be great!

  2. That is terrible news, hopefully you will be all better soon, feel better fast!


  3. Your life has just exploded in the UK.

    Break a leg (not in real terms)and best of luck in the show!

  4. Just collected my daughter from school with swollen throat and croaky voice. She is feeling very sorry for her self so I made her a lemon/ginger and manuka honey hot drink, she is sipping, wrapped up in a duvet, stroking the lucky Paddy cat.

    Hope your throat clears! Keep scarves wrapped snuggly around your neck and drink lots of good-for-you drinks! Lots of good vibes hurtling through the blogosphere towards you. Oh, and break a leg this week!


  5. Good Luck....break a leg! Hope you are feeling better...gargle with warm salt water, listerine, pump up the vit C and pray!

  6. ***the dress rehearsal went really well and I think we are going to knock them dead.***

    I'm guessing no one's a professional actor in this shindig because that above sentence would never have been uttered.

    Your sore throat is coming from your brain. It's recalling a past experience. The throat is an avenue of expression and a channel for creativity. Problems w the throat can be:
    1. Inability to speak up for oneself
    2. Swallowed anger
    3. Stifled creativity
    4. Refusal to change.
    ~ Louise Hay

    I always have one because of number 2. Not the body function but the 2 on this list.

    Break a leg.

  7. Are we going to see your performance afterwards?

  8. Good luck! Sounds like a lot of fun! I hope that your throat feels better too. I agree with Captain Dumbass - you should totally YouTube up your solo, just so we know what we're missing :D

  9. I used to always want to be in a play so horribly bad. Then one day I was cast in the lead role in a junior high production. I ended up puking on my dress right before the performance and had to smell it all night. Never wanted to be in a play again.

  10. WHO ARE YOU?

    Oh yeah, you're that bitchin' wife chick who simply excels at most everything she does.

    You will rock it. I am sure. And you have a couple days for that throat to calm down.

    Break a leg sister.


  11. I can't wait to see this on youtube! You'll be fabulous and your throat will be kind by the time the curtain goes up. So cool that you live in an area where this can occur. I mean, we have local theater and everything, so I guess we could take advantage of it. Something tells me your experience is cooler than what I'd get around here though. Seems more... community.



  12. Club penguin has no manners.

    Anyway, get some sleep.

    You will be fine by showtime.


  13. Break a leg!!!! And nice job on the programs!

    I'm sorry about your throat. I've heard vinegar works miracles.

    Love you, dude.

  14. Good Luck this week! Gargle some salt water, maybe?

  15. That throat is going around, half my family seems to be afflicted with it. Of course the upside is that it has cut down the noise here.

    Not that I am happy that they aren't feeling well, but might as well look at the bright side.


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