Tuesday, February 09, 2010

From Treading the Boards to Life as Usual

I knew it would come to an end, but I am still feeling a bit sad that the play has wrapped up. It was wonderful to live the last two weeks in such a busy state of constant activity, with so many other things to do other than laundry and cooking dinner. (Sadly, those two things are still here, constantly clamoring for attention. Booooooo! Hisssss!)

I love how tiny the stage looks in the video.... like a metaphor sprung to life, actually. ;) But no matter how minor the constellation, it was fantastic to be a star for the weekend! And star, I was, my friends. Here is the video of my hammy performance; proof that, once upon a move to England, I lived every moment to the hilt.

p.s. This is a video of Friday's performance. All of us were quite nervous, so I think that it is the weakest of all of our performances..... but the crowd was amazing that night, so it didn't make one bit of difference. The audience can make or break a night and Friday's crowd was drunk enough up for anything we did. Consequently, we were all so high on adrenaline after the show it felt like the best night ever!

p.p.s. The photography exhibit went well, also, though I think it mostly went "well" as a learning experience.


  1. Just finished watching the video! Fantastic and great moves as well ;) I tried to leave a comment on You Tube but it didnt seem to want to play so I just rated it instead. Sounds like your voice was fine and you were a hit with the crowd--well done, very brave!

  2. I love a good play like this. I used to be in an amateur dramatics society and played a few shady characters!

    Well done xx

  3. must be the play the good doctor I've have been hearing so much about

  4. I almost went to see it. I know somebody has it filmed. Can I talk anyone into letting me have a copy

  5. I think you'll be an actress for the rest of your life, you enjoy it and you did well :)


  6. Brava!!! Brava!!!!

    Glad you had so much fun!

  7. awwww... Amy. You are so flipping cute.

  8. I love the small stage. We go up to Ashland, OR, to see performances and they have: The Angus Bowmer Theatre, which is as massive as it sounds. The Elizabethan Stage, which is also massive, but outside. And the New Theatre, which is sort of new, and tiny. The best plays are on that stage. Intimate theatre is always the best.

    You look fabulous for this and your performance was terrific. I can only imagine the next night if this was your "nervous" night.


    SLC <--- more than a little jealous as I played the King of Siam my Sr. year in H.S. and haven't done anything since.... :)

    P.S. - Wurst Mom's has to be a cult classic. You probably have followers you don't even know about.

  9. Fantastic. It is amazing what talent, living in another country and good friends can do. Please post the reviews, as I am sure there will be lots in the local papers if not on Fleet Street ;)

  10. Did I miss the title of the play? Was it a comedy of manners? I could watch those on a loop and then watch them all over again.


  11. Brava!! As a former actress myself, I agree that there's nothing like the laughter of an audience, whether inebriated or not! Congrats! The small stage looks just lovely!

    I love your blog, I'm your newest follower!

  12. Great work! I am totally jealous and ready to hit the stage in my little farm town too!!
    FUN ZONE!!!!!!


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