Tuesday, December 15, 2009

RTT: Love in many forms

Welcome to another episode of the bits and pieces of my week and brain. Hosted, as always, by the Un Mom. Or, as I like to call her, Super Keely.

Destructo, in all his 7 year old glory, came downstairs crying and hungry last night at about 10 o'clock..... He was missing Wisconsin and demanding that we return home "this instant!" I used my usual sympathetic response and said it was ok to miss old friends and home, that I miss my friends, too, and that I feel better when I think that they will still be there when we return someday. He wasn't buying it, though, and continued to cry and wimper over his banana at the table (he is often up at strange times looking for food to fill his growling belly.... stupid ADHD meds keep him from eating as much as he should at regular meals). After awhile, he snuffled and somewhat calmy requested that I change the iPod to British Accents. It took awhile to figure out exactly what he meant, but he finally explained in a coherent way that, after listening to 'SuperFudge,' as read by Judy Blume, he thought I could switch the iPod from American accents to British. The American accent was making him homesick and he just didn't want to hear it anymore if it was going make him feel so bad.

I love that little guy so much.

Speaking of British accents.... CC had a friend over to hang out the other day and the entire time the boy was here, CC spoke completely in a British voice! He was all like, C'mon, Mate!-this and What rubbish!-that. Really strange, but funny. He is trying so hard to assimilate.

In other CC news: He may have a girlfriend. Wha???? I'm not sure how this happened, but he has been so adorably sweet about it that I can't help but let it warm the cockles of me heart, rather than be alarmed that his hormones might finally be kicking in. He has decided that one of the girls in his class is "special" to him and went about selecting a present (from my still sizable craft collection that sits neglected 97.5% of the time) and then wrapping it for her. He did chicken out of giving it to her at school, but asked me to deliver it to her mom. ...I guess the present was a hit, as he came home today and, after some rather mysterious "Mom, will you please come upstairs with me for a minute?"-type queries, he actually started *squee*-ing that she liked him back. Delivered amid mad giggling and rolling about on his bed.

I thought this kind of behavior was reserved for girls!

He says he only told me because he knows his secret is safe with me.


I'm like a crypt, son. Not. A. Word.

(where's my blinking chicken emoticon?!)



  1. Be watchful, they can grow up seemingly in an instant!


  2. I had one like yours. He's 20 now.

    Have a great day!

  3. I love this post!! Every night, I ask my oldest son if he likes any particular girl yet - for real...seriously, it's a wonder the kid doesn't hold a hand up to my face as soon as I open my mouth every time we sit down to dinner - and I can't wait for him to finally answer yes! This entire thing made me smile!

  4. My son has no interest in girls. Tells me that he doesn't understand why any boy would do anything with them.

    OTOH my 5 year old daughter is determined to make all my hair fall out. She loves boys far too much. I am scared. Yikes.

  5. He's the mysterious sexy foreigner of the class.

    And the British accents is too funny. My kids too prefer not to be reminded of the US. They always get homesick when old pictures pop up on the screen saver.

  6. I felt the same way when my 9 year old nephew started waxing poetic about a girl he likes. I was actually kind of GLAD I have a girl! Who's 3. And won't like boys for a few more years. (Thank you!)

  7. British accents. What an awesome idea. And why shouldn't these kiddos of ours expect things like that? They have a service called On Demand on our cable network- that pretty much sums it up.

    Sweet boy. I hope he feels better. Homesick Sucks.

  8. My son used to get homesick.. now it is just me! : ) I think the kids pick up the accent naturally... Just think how cute it will be when they return home to the US & still have the British accent! Love it...

  9. The children of my university roommate have lived all over from Hong Kong to San Francisco and now Oxford and every summer they come "home" to Canada with full on posh accents which last about a day and a half and then disappear only to return as soon as they are back in school.
    And we MOB's can only hope that our sons find girlfriends that want to hang out with us. Just don't get too attched to them, a wiser MOB once told me.

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  11. How flipping cute is it that your son wanted the book to be read in British! That brought a tear, as well as your oldest. OHH! What a great gift to have him be so open with you. These are the days that you'll wish could last forever.

    His secret is safe with me too!!

  12. aww, that's so cute!! but I have to confess that I hope Sarah doesn't get into boys for a long time still. it's much more nerve-wrecking with a girl.

  13. Completely warmed my heart--it just about leaped out at "she likes me back"

    Can't get over that first pic of The Animal below...

  14. oh lord. It's happening. I hope Phoebe doesn't realize they "exist" until she's 20. Okay, 30, okay when I'M 90


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